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The mysterious "Clown" is a member of a circus and is one of the unplayable bosses of Fighter's History. He later became playable in Fighter's History Dynamite. After a victory at Great Grapple, he founded "Clown's Circus". Though he became very popular in the circus scene, he made up his mind to go on a journey to meet an attractive male fighter and to become the world's strongest clown. Clown has an attraction to young male boys, and is implied to be homosexual.

Clown is mentioned to be a disciple of Karnov. He has established an independent circus at the time of Karnov's Revenge. Also at this time it is revealed that Clown has his own castle, where he posesses many different animals. In one of the win quotes Clown mentions that he has a pet poodle.


Fighter's History


Fighter's History Dynamite


Page Updated:  Sept. 3rd, 2022

Clown is probably one of the most recognizable and original characters from Fighter's History. He's a creepy clown... and the fact that his name is simply "Clown" makes him even more creepy. His cool mask design is easily my favorite part of the design. In gameplay, he's got some interesting and weird animations that add some charisma to the game.

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