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Clemence Keliber
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Clemence is a powerful pro-wrestler. He is a secret character in Fighting Layer, unlocked through time release. There is currently no other information available.


Fighting Layer




Page Updated:  Sept. 14th, 2015

He's got some pretty awesome wrestling moves... I'd even say he'd give Zangief a run for his money if they ever crossed paths. A generic design in some ways, but traditional wrestlers usually are. I think he's pretty cool. I like his "Razor's Edge" throws, especially his super-mega version. 

On a side note: I own a home gym by Weider. If you're familiar with the Weider logo, the man with his arms crossed (Joe Weider) always reminded me of Clemence. I mean, they're in the exact same pose and have very similar hair. Almost makes me wonder if the designers based Clemence on Joe Weider. Another random "separated at birth" for ya! lol.

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