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Chuji Wu


Recently, Kuts Foundation has been bought up all of Tobal's mines and started selfishly mining them. To this end, Kuts Foundation has been working the miners very hard and frequently taking over it's smaller rivals. As one of the miners who has been bought up, Chuji is now infuriated by the practices of the company. Chuji enters the 99th Tournament in order to strike down the head of the company, Gren Kuts.

Tobal No. 1


Tobal 2



Page Updated:  June 14th, 2024

Say what you will about the Tobal series, but the game's protagonist left much to be desired. Put this guy up against Jin Kazama? I don't think so. (Jin was indeed his direct competition at the time, btw.) Either Chuji doesn't care that his cloths aren't even close to matching... or he's completely color blind. Put away the drain-cleaning lime green, bro. Also, that generic outfit of his needs... something. And Chuji's hairstyle? It's so outlandish, it's somehow generic. This ain't it, chief.

Chuji seems like an outdated 90's Americanized anime character who was locked inside a closet for 5 years, and when he finally came out, he realized all too late that he was out of style. I don't remember Chuji's moveset or special moves making much of a statement either. Oddly enough, Chuji was on the cover of a few gaming magazines back in the day (above). Indeed, he was the "face" of Tobal series. Good times in my PS1 memories... but I think Chuji underestimated the hype of the fighting genre of the late 90's.

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