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Bark The Polar Bear
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Bark the Polar Bear is Bean the Dynamite's partner. While his partner is a crazy chatterbox, Bark is calm and completely silent. Thanks to his strength, he is a formidable foe for Sonic the Hedgehog and the other Freedom Fighters. He previously worked with Fiona Fox and Nic the Weasel and participated in an illegal fighting tournament along with the latter and Bean but lost to Rouge the Bat. He and Bean later ended up working for Dr. Eggman twice, once to trash Sonic the Hedgehog's birthday party and the other to try and steal the Master Emerald from Rouge. Bean is also a playable character in Sonic The Fighters.

Fighters Megamix




Page Updated:  May 6th, 2019

Bark looks like a character straight out of Sonic the Hedgehog, as he should. I played quite a few Sonic games in my younger days... but I actually never heard of this bloke until Fighters Megamix! Yes, Bark is a "Bloke". He looks like a bloke.

Bark doesn't look like a polar bear to me... I remain skeptical. However, I can dig his new-age hipster samurai hair. Gotta give it to Bark, his fashion sense aged well. He still looks pretty hip in 2019.

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