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Ashlotte Maedel


The Fygul Cestemus cult had been pushed to the brink of annihilation by Astaroth, with the cult's survivors doing their best to preserve their lives. Eventually, two priests who survived the struggles came up with a plan of taking down Astaroth. Since attempts to control the golem, who was created based on a human, all ended in failure, they decided to make a soldier that has no soul.

Eventually, she, or "it" as it isn't a living thing, was completed. An artistic mass of gears and shafts locked together in an intricate and arcane configuration, what the world would call a "machine", made this executioner doll tick, while features of unparalleled grace masked the mechanical components within. However, although she could talk and act like a normal human, she had no emotions and was set on her goal of eradicating Astaroth.

Given the name Ashlotte Maedel, she emerged beneath the sunlight, sending tremors through the hall-collapsed underground shrine, making it crumble into ruin. She was not distracted by the destruction; she simply set off across the desert to complete her appointed task.

 She was designed
by Ito Ogure (better known by his pen name, Oh! Great) who is well known for his work on the Tenjho Tenge and Air Gear manga. She uses Astaroth's fighting style in Soul Calibur IV.
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Soul Calibur IV






Page Updated:  June 3rd, 2020

I got pretty excited about this design the first time I saw Ashlotte.... She's definitely visually interesting and original at first glance. I was disappointed to see that she fights exactly the same as Astaroth in the game, a moveset which barely suits her. In terms of her storyline, it actually makes sense... but I wish they gave her a unique style, or at least some original moves. I think such a cool design deserves as much.

I like her "death shovel" weapon and love how the gears within her chest actually move in the game. This design had such potential... but I doubt we're going to see her again. At the least, she's still a cool design to look at.

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