Ashley Loveless


Ashley used to be a member of the Royal Guard that is sword to protect the royal family of Roselia. He continues to protect princess Olivia, even though he is no longer a guard. Ashley is good at speedy attacks and confusing his opponents. He likes to steal the heart of his opponent and damage them even more.


Battle Fantasia





Page Updated:  Sep. 19th, 2020

If his name doesn't give you a hint, it's pretty clear by Ashley's in-game animations and mannerisms that he's homosexual. He's not just flamboyant, but overly-flamboyant to the point of being kinda weird... possibly even more-so than Ash Crimson from KOF.

The funny and ironic part about this... is that Ashley is apparently not gay. Plot twist: His official storyline claims that he's "in love" with Olivia. That said, I don't believe the official storyline. I'm pretty sure this dude is gay. lol. In any case, it doesn't really matter either way. Right? If you're open-minded about it, Ashley is a fairly interesting and fun-to-use character in Battle Fantasia

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