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His life was lived in the ancient past. In Soul Calibur IV, he is encountered as a magical, super-powered resurrection of his former self. In this resurrected form, Algol is manifested by the energy of both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Including both of the spirit swords, Algol uses many weapons that appear and disappear quickly from within his body: also including blade-like wings, an energy projectile gun, and daggers from the tips of his feet. He is often seen seated in a throne that likewise appears and disappears at his will, and though he can crouch, jump, hang in midair, and plant his feet firmly while attacking, he otherwise always hovers just above the ground and never runs or walks.

Long before the events in Soul Calibur IV, Algol was known as "The Hero King," who utilized Soul Edge without being controlled by it. He used the sword to spread peace, but one day his jealous son Arcturus stole Soul Edge and was possessed by it. Algol was forced to battle Arcturus, resulting in the destruction of both his son and Soul Edge.

After his son's death, he worked to create another living sword using a purified shard of Soul Edge, to be used against Soul Edge whenever it inevitably reappeared. In service to the creation of the sword that would be known as Soul Calibur, Algol literally gave it his own body and soul, which slept undisturbed inside Soul Calibur until the sword finally fulfilled its purpose.

Unknown hundreds of years after his death, Algol's soul was awakened by the energy released when Soul Edge and Soul Calibur did meet. With this, he built a new body, the "Tower of Remembrance," and facsimiles of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Knowing that his energy will not last for long unless he obtains the real spirit sword and cursed sword, he waits in his Tower of Remembrance, confident that the swords will come to him.


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Soul Calibur IV

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Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, Soul Calibur V


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Page Updated:  Jan. 19th, 2024

If you ask me, Algol is easily the coolest Soul Calibur boss ever... besides good ole' Cervantes of course. Algol's entire moveset is well-designed, completely original, and he has a wide variety of badass attacks. His projectiles can be cheap if you're fighting against a skilled player, but nonetheless, they're actually pretty fun to guard impact (since they reflect)... making him fun to fight against at times. Hehe. Visually, he's also pretty cool design and fits into the series quite well.

Now please keep in mind that the previous paragraph was all pertaining to his SC4 appearance. What are my thoughts on his SC5 appearance? His SC5 incarnation isn't a bad visual design.... Now with less clothing attire, he definitely favors Gill of Street Fighter fame, which is kinda cool. However, I must say that I don't agree with his appearance in the game as a "regular playable character". He has some insanely cheap moves, and I just don't understand why the dev-team decided to include him in the regular roster. He's a BOSS character... and an overpowered one at that. With that said, he doesn't really fit in with the rest of the SC cast... as a regular character. So no, at the end of the day, I can't say I'm a fan of Algol in SC5. Cheap bastard. >:(

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