Alessy is a user of the Stand Sethan, which may be named after the Egyptian God Set. The Stand transforms anyone who touches its shadow into a child (In the case of Joseph however, he merely changed back to his youthful appearance found in the second story arc of the series). He is a cowardly man who prefers to battle children because he knows that he can win easily.


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure




Page Updated:  Mar. 22nd, 2022

That hair is something else..... Alessy is one ridiculous-looking character, even for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. For starters, his color scheme is wack... and I never use the term "wack"... but in this case I will. 

in fairness, Alessy's weirdness definitely makes him an original character who looks like no one else ever in the universe. However, I don't find him very likeable even as a bad guy, but I suppose if I knew more about his manga appearance I might like the design more. Other than that, he has some entertaining moves and animations. 

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