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Shion makes his first appearance in KOF XI as a sub-boss. He was conceptually designed to be one of Ron's daughters though developers decided to change his gender (maybe) to startle and appeal to fans with his androgynous appearance.

Shion is an enigmatic character who's past is unknown. He works as an underling for the demon Magaki and seems knowledgeable about the workings of Orochi. After being defeated at the ruins of the tournament finals, he is dragged through an extra-dimensional gate and seemingly killed. However, after Magaki is defeated at the end of the tournament, Shion's spear is hurled through a gate Magaki created and goes through his chest, killing him instantly (supposedly).


The King of Fighters XI




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Page Updated:  Dec. 30th, 2020

To my knowledge, Shion is the first rope-dart user of fighting games! Give credit where credit is due! SNK represented the traditional weapon martial art brilliantly with this design. Shion also uses a Chinese spear with expert-like fluidity. Shion is "classic" SNK 2D spriting at its peak. Shion's animations are incredibly dynamic and awesome-looking, especially for such a small and compact 2D sprite! (Don't miss Shion's animations page, below!) On a random side note: I think Shion would actually fit into the Samurai Shodown series quite nicely, with such a unique weapon-based fighting style (well, 2 styles at that).

Now to address the elephant in the room, if you thought SHI-on was a SHE... you're mistaken. 0_o Shion is a legit ladyboy. Step aside Benimaru and Ash, there's an even more feminine male than you guys in KOF. It's interesting seeing SNK outdo themselves over and over again. That said, Shion is probably the most feminine male of the fighting game universe (besides Sheva, but most FG players don't know that character). Nonetheless, Shion s still a very cool and original character design and definitely an underrated one from the series.

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