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Sazanka is a rival to Mikado and Narukagami member. His name, appearance, and weapon of choice are all similar to Sanzaka from the first Bushido Blade, but it's unclear if they are the same person.


Bushido Blade 2




Page Updated:  Jan. 2nd, 2014

Sazanka seems to be inspired by the likes of  Kyoshiro from Samurai Shodown, but clearly not quite as fleshed out. At the least, he adds some "color" to the series... quite literally. That outfit is just loud and awkward, but hey... at least he's not boring. I'd say he's kind of a "troll" character in the series, and call me crazy, but sometimes there's a place for that type of character in a fighting game. lol.

On a side note... what in the blue hell is up with his neck (see the screenshot at the top)? Either he has a giraffe neck or the Bushido Blade 2 character model designers messed up a little. lol.

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