Sankuro Yorozu


He is an ambitious leader to a trio of minions named Gosichi, Fuyo, and Ippachi. Wanting to become the lord of Hinowa without much effort, he hires Genjuro to dispatch Gaoh. Upon Gaoh's defeat, he offers Genjuro another job which is promptly refused. After Sankuro bribes with him information about his parents and membership to his gang, Genjuro attempts to kill his employer. Sankuro is saved by his gang and, apparently disinterested with killing women, Genjuro demands that he leave. Sankuro, however, chooses to shoot Genjuro's back and brags about his new title. Genjuro slashes him while he is distracted, leading to a hasty retreat.

Samurai Shodown 5

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Samurai Shodown 5 Special, Samurai Shodown 6, Card Fighters Clash DS


Page Updated:  June 23rd, 2018

GENJURO RIP-OFF. Why SNK? SNK (shamelessly) used Genjuro's sprite as a template for Sankuro. lol. As a lifelong Genjuro fan... this character is pretty insulting. He brings the salt. Sprite clones have existed over many years in fighting games, but by 2003... a shameless clone such as this is like a bad joke. Sankuro is just a cheaply made character, in more ways than one, and a reminder of how much better the Samurai Shodown series was in the olden days.

Sankuro potentially offered a new weapon style to the series (the hammer), but of course, he shares a bunch of Genjuro's animations... making his fighting style seem forced (and like a cheap rip-off). On the bright side, Sankuro at least has a few unique mannerisms & moves - which are kind of humorous. He cowardly uses bombs and even a gun in battle. *scoff* He also has 3 assist characters at his disposal. The moves his "friends" can perform could've been better, but they help the design be somewhat mildly entertaining, miraculously. Sankuro is a troll... in fact, he was a troll before people started using the term "troll". Just look at that troll-face!!!  What an ugly mug. He gives Hugo a run for his money.

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