Pupa Salgueiro


Pupa is a fun loving girl who studies the art of Capoeira. She lived in Brazil with her father and brother. Her father made the hat she wears, and it's her most precious belonging. Her father also sent her and her brother to America for schooling. After several years, her brother (Pepe) began to get into trouble in the city... And one day, he didn't come home. Pupa searches for him.


Rage of the Dragons

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Page Updated:  Aug. 13th, 2023

Pupa has a cute "tomboy" look about her and her clothing style isn't back... but her design in general lacks spark. Pupa's moveset and fighting style is a bit uninspired... so-so at best.

To state the obvious, the art of Capoeira has been represented far more authentically and interestingly by many other fighting game characters. To be blunt, there's nothing exceptionally exciting or original about Pupa. I don't understand the whole wrench thing either. Pupa either works on cars or she carries that around with her on the street for self defense.

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