The royal prince of the planet Saturn, Saturn Kuida-Ore the 3rd, fights with a special set of yo-yos and his own style of elegant performances. He grew jealous of Saturn as he got more attention from the citizens. After adopting the alias, Prince, he allies himself with Bilstein and uses the empire's influence as a front for chasing his rival.


Star Gladiator



Plasma Sword



Page Updated:  Oct. 11th, 2020

Siiiick....... What.  The.  Fudge....  Capcom? Welcome to the obscure part of TFG's database where bizarre and other-worldly characters reside. It should have a title. The upside-down? Bizaroo-world? No. Something else. I'll think of it eventually. Check back some time in the distant future..

As with Saturn, Price disturbs my eyes. Burn it with fire. No, just kidding. Maybe Prince is nice. Maybe this design is deep. Maybe in other galaxies, Prince's clothing style is "normal". I get it. Deep stuff... but this character is still butt-ugly and I don't want to look at it. I've spent more time typing this overview than I have looking at this clusterf*ck of colors / alien-clown. I'm done yo! @_@ No please pass the green Capcom was on when they came up with this fool. 

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