In a tiny house in a far off land, there was a toy chest in the corner. Suddenly one day, a toy doll popped out, shining with a heavenly glow. "Finally! I can move on my own!" The doll's name is Pete. And in his chest is a shiny stone... a Power Stone. Through the Power Stone, the fond wish of Pete's owner had finally come true, and given Pete life. "My dream is to create wonderful things that surprise and delight people everywhere!" With that, Pete flew out the window, climbing higher and higher in the sky.


Power Stone 2





Page Updated:  Jan. 18th, 2014

Capcom went and did their own rendition of Pinochio... Childish yes, and naturally pretty lame as a fighting game character if you ask me. Power Stone 2 series really could have done without him (and more "cool" characters in his place). Power Stone already had a "kiddie" vibe going on, but Pete really takes it overboard. I doubt this character would even appeal to most kids. Maybe 6 year olds... but I don't think 6 year olds are playing Power Stone 2 (they're playing GTA5 because they have bad parents). Ok... I'm done here. :)

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