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Paku Paku


Paku Paku is Cham Cham's chimpanzee companion, first appearing in Samurai Shodown 2. Paku Paku is one of Cham Cham's closest friends, often accompanying her on her adventures. When her brother Tam Tam was transformed into a monkey as divine punishment for letting one of the village's sacred stones be stolen, she confuses him for Paku Paku. When she defeats Mizuki, Tam Tam's curse is lifted. In Samurai Shodown 6, Paku Paku appears as a playable character for the first time. Although he cannot perform normal attacks, Paku Paku essentially fights as a miniaturized version of Tam Tam.


Samurai Shodown 2
(support character)


Samurai Shodown 4 (PS1/support), Samurai Shodown 6, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash (support)


Page Updated:  June 28th, 2020

Paku Paku is just a cute monkey... there's nothing particularly original about him... but as an accompaniment to Cham Cham, I think he adds quite a lot to her design. In his Samurai Shodown 2 debut, Paku Paku added some enjoyable personality and comic relief to the game.

Strangely, in Samurai Shodown 6, Paku Paku became a stand-alone fighting game character.... SNK got jokes. What were they thinking? lol. In SS6, most of his move animations are only a couple frames, and he doesn't even have normal attacks? However, he does use some of Tam Tam's moves... which is pretty cool and pretty funny. You go on with your bad self, Double P.

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