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Nagase is an N-Type Enforced Human transformed by one of Addes's sub-syndicates, Belphegor. Her battle abilities are thanks to a Battle Disc System (where she saves and collects data about fighters) and her genetically enhanced strength. Nagase is an arrogant and insolent young girl who doesn't care to be loyal to Jivatma or any of Addes. The only reason Nagase fights under Jivatma's orders is to test the limits of her own power. She can also hack into computers.

The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2



KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A, Card Fighters Clash DS



Page Updated:  Aug. 8th, 2019

Even for a "modern ninja" design, she has a very unorthodox look. Her outfit resembles the coloring of a honey bee, visually. Yeah... I think Falcoon went a lil' crazy this time. lol. While she's visually vibrant and "loud," her fighting style in KOF: MI2 is pretty cool. She actually fights very similarly to Samurai Shodown's Hattori Hanzo. She's not my kind of design really... but I've seen worse.

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