Demuth Beel Zebus Halteese is the younger son of the Royal Family of Halteese. He was a lazy prince, preferring the easy life of the castle. One day, Chester appeared before him and explained that, since he never cared for the throne, his two older brother were already going to take it, and that his chances of taking it now were near zero percent. Although he offered the assassination of one of his brothers, Demuth planned another thing: using a small territory his brothers arranged for him to rule, he created a kingdom of his own, Maletta. After defeated the attempts of Halteese of stopping him, Demuth planned on taking Halteese' territories during the chaos of the war.

Although he was successful on assaulting Halteese' capital Epistema, his forces are forced back by Grandall's units, lead by the Cadet. Upon his failures, Chester took the advantage and self-proclaimed King of Maletta, leaving Demuth without troops. Drunken and defeated, Demuth was left to die against Grandall's forces.


Soul Calibur 3




Page Updated:  April 2nd, 2012

This guy manages to looks pretty dumb even in the artwork... and that's saying something! I've never seen Takuji Kawano draw a character I didn't like, until this guy. I guess the point is, we're not supposed to like this guy. ;)

It's possible that fighting with a fan could look cool... I suppose... but the ridiculous fan fighting style in SC3 was just terrible. Thankfully they dropped that horribly lame fighting style from the sequels (and this guy with it).

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