Mike is a heavyweight boxer who entered the first World Warrior tournament. He enters in the first World Warrior Tournament simply to make some money and also help his little sister in the hospital. Mike spent some time in prison for robbery, where he learnt to box. When he was set free, he started to look for fights in order to raise money to help the poor in addition to contributing to his community by teaching children how to box. He loves his family and has a good relationship with his sister who is five years younger than him.

Due to the fact that Balrog's first name was "Mike" in Japan, fans were lead to believe that Mike and Balrog are the same person. However, the official artbook All About Capcom confirms that Mike is not the same person as Balrog. Early on, fans speculated that Mike is the African-American fighter seen in the SF2 intro who ends up getting punched by the blond fighter - who also resembles Joe). However, the Capcom Fighters Network website confirmed that these are separate characters named Max and Scott.


Street Fighter

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Page Updated:  June 20th, 2021

Yes... it's true. The first boxer of the Street Fighter series was pretty much a flop design. Mike sure wasn't trying to win any fashion awards.... a red t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes? That's it? lol. Mike of SF1 is no doubt one of the most bland and generic fighting game boxer designs in history. He also might have the best creepy face of all time! :o

Flash forward to SFV: Arcade Edition in 2018, and Balrog somehow looks pretty cool in Mike's old school attire. I guess if you're that buff, you can almost make any fashion work. lol. Nice job with the retro costume love, Capcom.

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