"Gaisei" is the legendary warrior that trained Kaede, Yuki and Moriya Minakata. After Shinnosuke Kagami's aborted plan to remove the seal on "Hell's Gate" and bring about a new world order, Gaisei presumably stood up against the guardian in an attempt to stop him. Unfortunately, Shinnosuke is too powerful, and he dies in the battle. He is later discovered by his three students, who all vow to take revenge on his killer. Kaede accomplishes this, activating his power of the Seiryu and defeating Shinnosuke. This also clears Moriya's reputation, as he was originally blamed for killing Gaisei.

In Last Blade 2, Gaisei is still deceased. However, an unknown force of evil resurrects him and drives the now-undead warrior insane. Additionally, he manages to combine the legendary powers of Suzaku, Seiryuu, Byakko and Genbu into his being, making him much more powerful than before. The now godlike warrior roams the lands and is called "Kouryu", the Yellow Dragon.


The Last Blade 2



Last Blade: Beyond The Destiny, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash DS


Page Updated:  Dec. 6th, 2022

Kouryu is probably one of the cheapest SNK bosses of all time... (although some other SNK bosses in modern times have set the bar pretty high.) However, I always liked Kouryu's design. His outfit and headdress are cool and his overall design is pretty interesting. His oddly-shaped green sword (which can turn into a bow & arrow), and floating orbs bring a different kind of "magical" vibe to The Last Blade... but other characters also appear to use magical / elemental moves, so it seems to make sense.

For a 2D fighting game boss in the late 90s, he brought enough personality and cheap-ass super moves to the table to be respected as a proper boss. As much as I always liked Kouryu's design, I do get salty when the boss CPU AI cheeses me and predicts my moves at the last moment. lol. SNK really mastered the art of stealing people's coins in the boss fight. (Kouryu definitely seems like he could be hiding bags of money in that loose-fitting clothing.)

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