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Kobra could be described as Mortal Kombat's stock street brawler character. Infamous for his brutality and savage killings, Kobra shows no mercy to his opponents. Introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deception as the second of Kabal's recruits for the new Black Dragon, he is a gifted young martial artist, eager to put his skills to the test. For years, Kobra wondered whether his martial arts training would work in a real fight. Even though he has been practicing his skills at his NYC karate school, no one was allowed to really hurt each other. So, he went to New York's back alleys in order for him to put his skills to the test.
At first, he started on street gangs. Then, he went to gangbangers and drug dealers. The thrill and excitement of fighting started to consume him, and he started killing his opponents. He continued his killing streak and added looting to his list when he robbed convenience stores and gas stations. Eventually, the NYPD caught him. At this point, Kobra had no clue as to how many lives he had destroyed.

When Kobra was being taken downtown, he heard gunfire and officers shouting. Kabal and Kira had found out about him and came to induct him into the new Black Dragon syndicate. After killing the officers and escaping, Kabal took Kira and Kobra to Outworld, where they worked for Havik, the cleric of Chaos who had brought Kabal back from the brink of death.

Mortal Kombat: Deception




Mortal Kombat: Armageddon


Page Updated:  Dec. 17th, 2020

Hey, poor man's Ken Masters... isn't it a bit late for a shoto rip-off? This is a 2004 game, and that practice was gettin' kinda old in '94. They even had the audacity to give him the bootleg Jin Kazama hoodie, so you know they were somewhat trying to be in with the times. Kobra is an example of that one time the MK dev team completely ran out of ideas. It's also very possible they were feeling "left out" as many other fighting game companies were making epic crossovers. But nobody wanted to play with Mortal Kombat... so Midway made their own bootleg crossover. lol. (The creation mode of Armageddon even featured "Guile hair, so you know Street Fighter in particular had been on their mind a while. lol.)

This Ken rip-off is pretty shameless. Slap a sword in his hand, give him some Japanese caveman-sounding grunts and poorly-animated kicks and call him a new Mortal Kombat character? So, same formula as usual? In retrospect, ironically... after the 17 gun-toting characters they added in MKX / MK11, I actually miss martial arts characters in Mortal Kombat. Just not Kobra. lol. Nope, still not you, bro.

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