Jun Kagami


Jun Kagami is a professional model born in Japan. She's a classy and gregarious woman who enjoys the simple things in life. She teases Miu's outlook on life, acting as her big sister figure. Jun follows Miu to The King of Fighters tournament. She helps the girl join Iori Yagami's team and works to join Miu and Sinobu together.


The King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood




Page Updated:  Sept. 17th, 2019

Visually, Jun is somewhat interesting for a KOF design. Her fighting style is pretty basic and unoriginal, however... and her fighting stance is also completely ridiculous. Why the hell is she dancing? lol. Out of the new designs to debut in the KOF EX series, she does have the most personality out of the bunch... I'll give her that.

Overall, Jun seemed like a "quickie" KOF design without much development behind her... and the GBA's graphics could only do so much for the character.

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