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Jarek was once believed to be the last member of the Black Dragon Clan, a group of dangerous thieves. Jarek joined the clan after befriending Kano, and came to be trusted by Kano as much as any thief can be trusted by another. Jarek was taught many of Kano's special moves and attacks after he joined the Black Dragon. In MK4, Jarek is hunted down by Special Forces agent Sonya Blade for crimes against humanity. After Kano's apparent death, Jarek fled to Edenia.

In MK: Armageddon, Shinnok's attempt to take control of the realms seemed to leave him no other choice, and so Jarek joined forces with his sworn enemies, Sonya Blade and Jackson Briggs. Jarek also appears as the boss of the third level in Mortal Kombat: Special Forces.

Mortal Kombat 4


Mortal Kombat Gold, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon



Page Updated:  July 11th, 2020

It was unclear if we were supposed to "like" or "dislike" Jarek in MK4. I thought he was a semi-decent newcomer in MK4/Gold, considering the selection. lol. Jarek brought a few cool moves to the series and refreshingly took the place of Kano (who seemed to be getting kind of stale) as the Black Dragon clan fighter of MK. After MK4, Jarek vanished from the series for quite a while... probably because he died in that notorious MK4 ending with Sonya and Jax. lol. Indeed, Jarek was part of the most hilariously bad MK4 ending in existence (which is actually saying a lot)! To quote Jarek from that ending (twice): "Billygillyghaaeeeeeeyyyyy!!!!!" NetherRealm Studios wishes they could still make endings as good as that one.

Several years after his debut, Jarek finally returned in Armageddon... for some reason or another, the MK dev-team decided to drastically change his outfit and his face. With his new ugly mug and ugly armor, I'd say his Armageddon appearance was pretty damn forced... and boring. They also didn't put much thought into his new moveset (like most characters in MK: Armageddon). Bleh, what a waste of an opportunity to bring back the "Billygillyghaaeeeeeeyyyyy!!!!!" 

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