Jack makes no distinction between right and wrong. He only cares about pretty, shiny things, and cutting with his knife. In Manches, his hometown, he used to rob women and steal their shiny jewelry. But then one day he overheard a tale about the Power Stones, the most dazzling jewels in the world, and he immediately sat off to claim them for his own. He is also based off of the unidentified serial killer, Jack "The Ripper" (right along with Jack from the World Heroes series).

Power Stone


Power Stone 2


Page Updated:  June 27th, 2019

Jack is the token "freak" of Power Stone, and he plays the role fairly well. Both his default outfit and his alter-ego design are bizarre and pretty memorable in the games. The use of his "crazy eye" in his design is probably the most original thing about him... but besides that, he's definitely still one of the "sleeper" character designs of the series.

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