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Hotaru is a general from the realm of Seido, or Orderrealm, and devotes himself to preserving law and order at any cost. So much so that he could be described as a zealot. The name Hotaru is Japanese for firefly. This is reflected in his outfit which has the appearance of an insect's exoskeleton. His special attacks evoke a firefly's glow and power of flight. 

At one point, Hotaru had ventured into Outworld to confront Shao Kahn's Tarkatan armies laying siege to the city of Lei Chen. Years later, however, those same forces would be under the command of Onaga (the Dragon King). Believing that this newly resurrected ruler would bring order to the universe, he helps Onaga's hordes in their attacks and pursues those who would stand against them, such as Sub-Zero. At the time of Deception, Hotaru has set out to bring the Lin Kuei Grandmaster to justice before Onaga.

He is, however, unaware that a bounty has been placed on his own head. In the past, Hotaru had served as a guardsman for Dairou while he was incarcerated. Dairou now is under contract to murder Hotaru.


Mortal Kombat: Deception



Mortal Kombat: Armageddon


Page Updated:  July 21st, 2023

Props to the MK team at Midway for FINALLY going with a REAL Japanese name, instead of making up a stupid fake one like they usually do. For a Mortal Kombat character in the lackluster PS2 era of Mortal Kombat, Hotaru has a distinguished appearance at least. I'd generously say he's one of the "better" designs from the Deception / Armageddon era of MK... but that's not saying much. He's forgettable. Unsurprisingly, his moveset wasn't very interesting or fleshed out in Deception or Armageddon.

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