Gourmand / Gullman


Gourmand is head chef on the luxurious airship Royal Heaven, which sails around the world. Secretly, he is a ravenous chef who will do anything to get his hands on rare delicacies. One day, he learns about the existence of a mysterious floating castle. "Does it have new ingredients no one has seen before?" Conviently, a huge dark shadow falls across the path of Royal Heaven, making his ship tremble. Gourmand jumps ship with his kitchen knife and frying pan in hopes of finding new food to tickle his fancy.


Power Stone 2





Page Updated:  Oct. 29th, 2020

Ohh gawd... look at this guy. His face is the stuff of nightmares. I guess the food he cooks isn't very good, because if it was, he's be able to afford a trip to the orthodontist to fix those teeth. Gourmand is an awkward design - even for Capcom, but possibly somewhat entertaining in the colorful world of Power Stone. His animations and proportions are pretty funny.

Gourmand turns into a blue, polka-dotted dinosaur when he powers up... so that counts for something. ^o^ I can't remember why, but I actually chose him a lot for the short period I was playing Power Stone 2. I think I'm glad I forgot why I enjoyed using him. I'm not sure. Anyhow... just look at that troll smile. Gourmand has one of the best troll faces of the entire fighting game universe. I'll raise his rating by 0.5 for that alone. Anyhow, I think El Fuerte is a better cook.

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