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Goodman is the final boss of NEOGEO Battle Coliseum. He uses a flaming whip both as a weapon, and to command a fire-like gorilla spirit (called Saru Ou, or Gorilla King) in a manner similar to an animal tamer. Goodman is playable only in the PS2 version of NEOGEO Battle Coliseum.


NeoGeo Battle Coliseum

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SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  May 22nd, 2020

SNK Boss Syndrome yet again! lol. ANOTHER evil bad guy / boss with silver hair? This is like the 47th one this decade... Sephiroth, what have you done? All these clones? REUNION! lol. Even so, Goodman was a fairly decent boss for Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. He's not the best SNK boss design by a long shot, and seems a bit generic and forced in some areas Yeah, Sephiroth wants royalties. Just imagine if Goodman had a black color scheme instead of red. lol.

In fairness, Goodman's attacks and animations are pretty interesting, at least... whilst being appropriately annoying at the same time (he is an SNK boss after all). His gorilla spirit / JoJo-style "stand " is pretty cool, albeit a very random element of the design... but the sprite definitely looks cool in-game (see Goodman's animations page for reference). When a fighting game boss can introduce a unique visual effect for the game, they get some credit, at least. Aside from that, Goodman isn't very memorable in terms of SNK bosses. I think NGBC would've benefited more from a returning (yet newly drawn) SNK boss, instead of this 100% new boss from outta left field. 

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