Garyo, aka "The Whirlwind", is the leader of a gang thieves running amok in Riten Kyo. Despite being criminals, Garyo has inspired his followers not to commit terrible crimes, and respect life. Garyo and his friends hide out in a cave beneath the Razor Trio's castle. Once spotted by the Razor Trio guards, the band of thieves, along with Garyo, got captured and sent to the dungeons. After many weeks, Garyo and his most loyal partner, Cyobi-suke, AKA "The Kid", manage to escape from their captivity, but their fate is not shared by their comrades. They had already been executed. Garyo returns to his hideout and vows vengeance against those who killed his friends. Garyo is rather stubborn, but kind hearted, so much that he instantly felled in love with a fair maiden called Mikoto, whom he met on a full-moon night. He promises to himself that one day, she will be his bride. Garyo fights using a thick, short sword, but he mostly keeps it in its sheathe. He does have two arms, but the other hand is hidden in his shirt.


Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage






Page Updated:  Aug. 17th, 2019

Geeez Garyo, comb your hair or something. Is this guy a caveman? lol. His fighting style is pretty sloppy overall. Visually, he's almost interesting, but he has "sleeper character" written all over him. He's pretty underdeveloped as a Samurai Shodown character.

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