Galuda lives in the western wilds. He is a shaman with a tender heart and tomahawk sharp intellect. To save his village from a mysterious disease, he is on a worldwide search for the Power Stones. Though he is a pacifist who abhors violence, Galuda has sworn revenge on the one-armed man who brought sickness to his village.
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Power Stone

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Power Stone 2


Page Updated:  Dec. 15th, 2021

I guess Capcom decided they didn't have enough Native American stereotypes in the Capcom universe.... *ehem* I'm referring to T.Hawk of course. Galuda is a very simple design, even for a stereotypical Indian. He's cool I guess. The only "original" part of his design visually, is his totempole-ish mech-looking second form. Aside from that, his moves and personality aren't anything to write home about... but he balances out the roster I suppose.

Overall, Galuda is very much a sleeper character in the Power Stone series, and even more of a sleeper in the Capcom universe. They should've made this guy a little more interesting. On a side note: His pipe is cool. :) 

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