Eddie is a kickboxer from Venezuela who trains Shuko's henchmen. Eddie's fighting style is a combination of Muay Thai and other martial arts. He is a martial arts teacher and incredibly powerful fighter. He is still consistently searching for ways to improve his abilities.

Double Dragon




Page Updated:  Mar. 29th, 2022

Nothing like a 90's token black guy... lol. Lime green sleeveless hoodie? Kinda ahead of his time? Seems like a legit and cool outfit to do some kickboxing in... I can see it. However, what's with Eddie's face? They could'a done him better than that. It's like they made him look like a bad guy. I bet he's a nice guy on the inside. Eddie just looks... so very sad. Why the long face? Life been hard on you Billy Blanks? lol.

In retrospect, Eddie might (comically) be my favorite character in the NeoGeo Double Dragon fighting game. I just like the dude's stance and legit kickboxing moves. He was an underdog on the roster, for sure. While Eddie's face and artleaves much to be desired, his 2D sprite and animations actually aren't bad when stacked up against the rest! Dude's got some nice kickboxing tech. Billy Blanks 'n all.

On a side note: I laugh at you if you mistakenly clicked on Eddie's profile looking for Eddy Gordo. Welp, same color scheme almost? lol.

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