An Italian street fighter, Dulton wanders from city to city searching for an unknown person or thing. It is believed by some that he is searching for Shuko, but no other information is known regarding his nomadic tendencies. Dulton is a proud, powerful fighter, but can also be very caring or responsible towards others.

Double Dragon





Page Updated:  Mar. 29th, 2022

In his ending (above), it reads: "Mr. Dalton departs to search for a worthy opponent." ....but wait a sec, you're name said DULTON under your life bar for the entire arcade mode. Go home Double Dragon, you're drunk again. 

Dulton or Dalton looks like a schoolyard bully who is secretly very insecure about himself. His other secret? His mom dresses him. I can't look at his outfit and not think "6 year old". lol. Jokes aside, he looks like a common Double Dragon thug that you beat up and his body disappears a few seconds later. Then you fight 3 or 4 clones of him and the same thing happens. In fairness, the dude has a cool-looking flying kick and some halfway decent special moves.

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