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Demon Gaoh


As Gaoh abuses the "Dark Emperor" spirit inside of him, he becomes "Demon Gaoh". He uses the entities' power as his own and efficiently tames the underworld. Although he did it to protect this world from demons, he essentially becomes one himself. He is the final boss of Samurai Shodown 6.


Samurai Shodown 6






Page Updated:  Sep. 15th, 2017

It's a funny trend that started in the late 90's... "make a fighting game character evil by darkening their skin and making them more powerful". lol. The cliche was old by the time Demon Gaoh debuted, but SNK has no shame. They did it again.

At first glance, he seems fairly cool... especially after seeing that official artwork. However, in the game, his 2D sprite is pretty ugly and doesn't animate very well. Ohh, and he's possibly the most overpowered, cheapest, piece-of-crap SNK boss of all time. Even on the easiest setting (yes, I tried), Demon Gaoh is a cheap piece of crap. His ugly-ass super move, with the "ghost ship" or whatever, doesn't even have frames of animation..... and it takes off like 80% of your life. What. A. Cheap. Boss. The only reason SNK would make such a cheap boss would be to get back at players for pirating their games back in the day. It's the only logical explanation for creating such a blasphemy. 

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