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Demon Hyo


In Project Justice, Hyo Imawano appears as the final boss of the game, but is not the main antagonist. In most of the game's Story Mode, he initially appears to defeat Kurow Kirishima, who had been shown brainwashing Hyo earlier in the storyline. Afterwards, he is shown being taken over by his father's spirit, where he becomes "Demon" Hyo, the final boss of the game. Again he is defeated by Kyosuke, but dies from the fight.


Project Justice



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Page Updated:  Nov. 5th, 2021

Demon Hyo looks so f****ing cool.... He was a great boss for Project Justice. Vanilla Hyo was one of my mains in Rival Schools, so seeing this leveled-up badass version of my favorite character appear in the sequel was amazing.

Demon Hyo is more than just "Hyo with his shirt off"... his new facial expressions in the artwork say a lot... and just look at that insane hair. His powered-up special moves as a boss were pretty nuts, but he's actually a fun boss to fight against (unlike some of those who suffer from "SNK Boss Syndrome"). lol. I'd say Demon Hyo is one of my favorite (and most underrated) fighting game boss designs ever.

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