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Cyber Woo
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Cyber Woo is a cybernetic version of the monster gorilla named Woo, one of the original monsters from SNK's The King of the Monsters. Woo was one of the monsters who arose in 1996 to help Japan fight off rogue monsters. In battle, Woo was defeated and nearly killed. As Woo was near death, the Japanese government took Woo's brain and implanted it inside of a giant cybernetic monkey body, developed by Makishima Industries, a Neo-Japanese company.

Known as Cyber Woo, he discovered that he was nothing more than a living weapon for the sake of world conquest. Cyber Woo destroyed the lab he was kept in and escaped when he found out he'd been used for evil purposes. In Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, Cyber Woo is controlled by a girl named Yuzu Makishima to test its power.
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Neo Geo Battle Coliseum



SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash DS


Page Updated:  Jan. 6th, 2023

Cyber Woo was a surprise character on the NEOGEO Battle Coliseum roster that nobody was expecting. I for one haven't seen such a cool mech-gorilla anywhere else (besides KOTM). Tomboy girl "Yuzu" is also a neat aspect of the design and she has a funny personality. The two are a convincing duo, making one of the most interesting and underrated characters of NEOGEO Battle Coliseum.

Cyber Woo's 2D sprite in NGBC was pretty amazing work from SNK's artists at the time. The animation of Woo's sprite could be better, but still looks awesome in gameplay for such a geometric 2D character. Most importantly, the proportions and key animations are very well done, making Cyber Woo one of the breakout albeit underrated characters of NGBC. This new take on "Woo" was also a cool way to pay homage to SNK's classic King of the Monsters series (and great to see SNK thinking outside the realm of KOF, for once). I'd like to see Cyber Woo return in a future SNK crossover title! 

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