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Billy is the younger brother to Jimmy. He uses the fighting style of Sousetsuken (a fighting style he created which combines Shaolin Kenpo, Tai Chi, Karate, Judo, and Aikido). Along with his brother, he runs a fighting dojo, where they work together to perfect the best martial arts techniques. This comes to an end when they visit their hometown, and make the decision to end the violence in the city.

In the Rage of the Dragons storyline, Billy does not speak to his brother because of a past event involving Jimmy's girlfriend. Billy always had a crush on her and one day, she was captured by a gang in the city and murdered. This gang had some history with Billy, and Jimmy knew this. Jimmy blamed him for her death and they haven't spoken since. Billy trains in Ryu Zui Ken which he learned from his master, Le-song. He also trains with Lynn, Le-song's grand daughter. He enjoys street racing and makes his living that way. Billy's first appearance was in the 1987 arcade game by Technos, Double Dragon.


Double Dragon

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Rage of the Dragons

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Page Updated:  May 4th, 2023

Give it up for the original "blue guy" of Double Dragon! Back when I was a kid in the late 80's, I'm pretty sure he was my first choice character to use in the original Double Dragon beat-em-up... (I was obsessed with that game for quite a while). Billy's NeoGeo Double Dragon fighting game debut appearance wasn't particularly exciting, but not terrible either. Honestly, I think he should've kept the classic blue vest & boots. Overall, for a 90's martial arts character, he wasn't too bad.

His 2002 redesign in Rage of the Dragons is probably the coolest incarnation of the character to date. He's got some pretty cool kicks & special moves, although a few of his animations could be better. All in all, he's a classic 90's character that deserves his spot in the fighting game genre. 

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