Armor Ralf


Armor Ralf is an alternate version of Ralf Jones who only appeared in KOF: Maximum Impact 2. He was removed from the sequel (KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A) due to him being an overpowered character.


King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2




Page Updated:  June 26th, 2019

SNK... SNK... SNK...... Just because it worked for Armor King doesn't mean it's going to work for Ralf Jones. SMH. -_- This is definitely one of SNK's strangest character designs of all time. It's always a bit weird to have two of the "same" character in the same game (unless there's some sort of story element behind it). Alternate versions of "popular" characters often pop up in fighting games... but "Armor" Ralf is so completely random and unnecessary in every way. 

Armor Ralf is probably one of the worst alternate designs for a fighting game character I've ever seen. Perhaps even the worst KOF character of all time. (Can you think of a worse one? Go ahead and try.) Not only is his design atrocious (especially how he looks in-game), but Armor Ralf happens to be the cheapest and most unbalanced character in the entire game.... LOL. Fun Fact: Armor Ralf was such a horrible character, he was the only character from KOF: Maximum Impact 2 who didn't appear in the sequel! ^o^ Good call SNK. 

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