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A master of the fictional Ninjitsu form of "Ryuganinpoh". He seeks for the whereabouts of his missing family and believes Shuko might know something. Very little is known about him, other than the fact that he came to America to search for his lost family, believing that Koga Shuko might have information about their disappearance.

Double Dragon





Page Updated:  Mar. 29th, 2022

First impression of Amon? A cool-looking white ninja that I swear I've seen in some other game before... but was he from a fighting game or a beat-em-up? Shinobi 2? Ninja Gaiden... something? *Squints*...  Is that 2P Hattori Hanzo? I always enjoyed that alternate color.

Amon's sprite in particular looks kinda small enough to be from a 90's beat-em-up game. In other words... he's skinny. Fellow SNK and Capcom ninjas also have a similar 'thin' build, but their sprites "pop" and have more weight thanks to their exaggerated proportions. Not to mention, Amon's idle stance is pretty boring. :| All this to say, Amon is still one of the coolest from the NeoGeo Double Dragon fighting game. His animations could be better... and he reminds me of the white ranger from Power Rangers (Ninja Storm? IDK). Overall, not an incredible design but actually not bad. I have mixed feelings about him taking off his ninja mask. On one hand it adds to his personality... on the other... maybe he should leave the mask on. lol.

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