Far away from a lonely village, there is a deserted western looking house called "Flask" on the top of the mountain. The doctor who owned that mansion spent all his life creating an artificial life form. A.B.A. was the creature of his life work. However the doctor was carted off by the military for his talents just prior to A.B.A.'s awakenings. When A.B.A. opened her eyes, the house was sealed completely. She was forced to live alone in "Flask" for 10 years.

Going outside wasn't too hard, but she still felt uncompleted. She had somehow known that she could live only in the well-equipped "flask." To distract herself from misery, she devoted herself to collect "Keys" that symbolized an opening of a new world that one day she might get to explore.
One day she got tired of her solitude and decided to go outside. Sometime during that day, she found a battle axe called "Juramento Nagel" which is a relic of the war. She fell in love at first sight with the axe, shaped as a key. A.B.A. named it paracelsus, and decided to keep it as her partner. She began her journey to give Paracelsus an artificial body such as hers.

To put it simply, A.B.A. is very shy of people. Since she lived by herself in seclusion for 10 years, she doesn't have the confidence about anything in the outside world. She is an artificial life form and has strong principles by nature, but she is also very frightened of competition at times. Due to her complicated personality, she tries to treat others authoritatively, oftentimes using difficult expressions that no one usually uses. A.B.A is really just a timid girl. There is no hatred towards others in her heart and she can be just as thoughtful as other human beings. A.B.A. finds motivation in Paracelsus, her key.. friend. He helps her to act positively, however, she still lacks cooperativeness at times. A.B.A. is of a possessive nature and very jealous when it comes to Paracelsus; there is nothing but pure love for him in her heart.

Guilty Gear Isuka



Guilty Gear XX Slash, Guilty Gear Judgment, Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core, Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus R, Guilty Gear -STRIVE-

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Page Updated:  Mar. 21st, 2024

A.B.A is one of the most off-the-wall characters ever to appear in a fighting game. Even for the Guilty Gear series... she was a bizarre design. Also because she debuted in the obscure "spin-off" 4-player Guilty Gear which no one liked, Isuka. Thankfully, her play-style was reinvented in GGXX Accent Core Plus R and she was fleshed out.

Overall, another wacky, yet clever and likeable design Arc System Works design. A.B.A fights with a giant key, which happens to have eyes and a mouth that is stitched closed. She also has a small key that goes through her head. Make sense? It doesn't have to, it's Guilty Gear. There's a lot of "emotion" and artistic presence behind A.B.A... she is a visually satisfying and thought-provoking design. A.B.A.'s moveset is as crazy as her visual aesthetic, but you could say that about any Guilty Gear character. Her redesign in -STRIVE- is great! The green hair is unexpected and changes her vibe. I'll be choosing her alt. color with her original red hair, thank you very much. ;)

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