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Fighters Gen Podcast #5: TEKKEN-OLOGY - Part 2


TFG Webmaster, Frank Joseph here... I'm proud to announce a new episode of the Fighters Gen Podcast! Episode 5... is Part 2 of my ongoing "TEKKEN-OLOGY" podcast series. I reminisce on a magical and impactful time of fighting game history during the early-to-mid 2000's and cover the iconic arcade hit & monumental PS2 launch title, TEKKEN Tag Tournament. In the 45-minute podcast, I talk about each TEKKEN installment following TTT1, including TEKKEN 4, TEKKEN 5, and the competitive masterpiece that reunited the community, TEKKEN 5: Dark Resurrection. These games are particularly special to me personally, as I spent many years at numerous arcades (and house battles) playing these games competitively and entering tournaments alongside many other passionate TEKKEN players. I played that game for many years. I was even TOP 10 in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online.

Certain fighting game "influencers" and commentators, in recent years, have referred to a "dark period" of fighting game history the mid 2000's particularly. Whether or not they were paying attention to what was going on with 3D fighting games at the time, in short, they're basically suggesting there was "nothing exciting going on" with fighting games in the mid-to-late 2000's (before 2009). Hence, this alleged "dark period".

  "Was it really that dark?"                             "Do they even play fighting games, bruh?  

2000-2008 were good times if you were an enthusiastic and competitive TEKKEN / SoulCalibur player, like me. While there's no denying Street Fighter IV brought in a new wave of players to fighting games, not everything suddenly happened in '09... you '09'ers, you. The only "dark" I can think of from those days was Dark Resurrection. Ohh, that game that the entire TEKKEN community now thinks fondly of. This is a topic I cover in Episode 5.

Some of those "2D guys" might not remember that the mid 2000's were actually quite vibrant and revolutionary for the 3D fighting game community... During that time period, TEKKEN 5 players were enjoying incredibly innovative arcade technology and a rebirth of the competitive community... SoulCalibur was going strong too.

In Episode 5, I also give my first impressions of Kazuya Mishima in Smash Bros. Ultimate and share fond memories of playing TEKKEN at arcades. "Is Smash Bros. a fighting game?" I talk about it... a little.

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