POSTED:  Sunday, May 24th, 2020              (5/25/2020)

Skullgirls CB2020 Update / Full Patch Notes


This weekend, Combo Breaker 2020 was originally planned to take place. (Sadly, due to COVID-19, the celebration of fighting games and competitive event was canceled.) However, there are some fighting game updates and announcements to talk about and keep the spirit of Combo Breaker alive. One of those is a hearty update for Skullgirls: 2nd Encore on PC. Additions to the game include: new animations, a new stage, rebuilt character artwork with extra pixels, 40 new character colors, and a variety of new gameplay tweaks. Furthermore, well-known eSports player SonicFox will now appear in Skullgirls as a non-playable character (in the training stage background).

  • New intro animations for Beowulf, Double, and Squigly, courtesy of Skullgirls Mobile !
  • A SonicFox NPC and associated update for the Class Notes variation!
  • KO screams for all characters when they're KO'd in the air!
  • Rebuilt character art with those all-important extra pixels !
Added to the 2nd Encore Upgrade Steam DLC
  • Two new colors per character from Skullgirls Switch, courtesy of Skybound Games !
  • Even more extra colors for various characters, also courtesy of Skullgirls Mobile !
  • A new stage , No Man's Land, also-also courtesy of Skullgirls Mobile !
  • Several more revived, previously-removed colors for various characters. (We did what we could, but much has been lost to time...)

That's a total of over 40 additional colors!

And, of course, fixes and improvements:
  • Removed the cap of 3 wins in Quick Match - now you can rematch forever!
  • The first hit of Beowulf's snapback no longer wrongly breaks all hyper armor. It still correctly breaks Sekhmet.
  • Beowulf's Geatish Trepak correctly deals only recoverable damage.
  • Cerebella's Grab Bag now properly scales followups to 55%, if you manage to follow up.
  • Fixed the frame of Grab Bag recovery where Cerebella would not go into hitstun if she got hit.
  • Double's airthrow correctly deals only recoverable damage.
  • Added half-circle-forward (41236) overrides to Double's Lugers, so dashing forward and performing a half-circle using an assist input correctly gives Luger instead of Hornet Bomber.
  • Increased the size of the hitboxes on snapbacks for Filia, Fukua, Painwheel, Parasoul, and Peacock, in order to better match the animation and/or be able to properly OTG opponents during certain frames.
  • Remove the last possibility of a Happy Holidays after hitting Fukua's air Drill of my Dreams.
  • Fixed the bug where Painwheel's Hatred Install would not end after a properly-timed sliding knockdown.
  • The last hit of Peacock's Lv3 correctly deals only recoverable damage.
  • Peacock's Lonesome Lenny can no longer be lifted off the ground by certain attacks, e.g. Big Band's Cymbal Clash.
  • Robo's Magnetic Trap no longer affects opponents after a snapback, removing a timeout exploit.
  • Removed extraneous DP (623) motions for Robo's Danger specials and Magnetic Trap, they are now properly QCT (236) only.
  • Added electric palette effect on opponents hit by Robo's s.HK because it looks cool.
  • Reduced the duration of Robo's taunt by 20f to bring it more in line with other taunts. Even with the reduction, it is still the longest taunt in the game.
  • Squigly can now cancel held stances between Downs in a 1v1 fight.
  • Squigly's Seria Sing->SBO now properly activates air-unblockable protection on the opponent, removing the unblockable Seria Sing setups using the choice of Daisy Pusher or SBO+(antiair grab).
  • Solo Squigly's Inferno of Leviathan properly disappears if she is snapped by a duo or trio.
  • Reduced the duration of Squigly's taunt by 15f to bring it more in line with other taunts.
  • Added ground-tech voice lines for Double.
  • Headless Fortune properly plays tag in/out voice lines.
  • Fixed the button functions in Replay Theater to match the rest of the game.
  • Fixed a bug where Cilia Slide, Updo, Fiber Uppercut. and Countervenom could become airborne under extremely specific circumstances.
  • Fixed a rare bug where characters who were KO'd, hit a wall, and then got revived were no longer able to be juggled the next time they were KO'd.

These all qualify as "fixes". There will be no further gameplay updates until after Evo at the earliest.

The goal is to bring all this to PS4 (and Switch, hopefully). We're working on it!

[UPDATE] Below is a video that previews the new content in the update!

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