Monday, May 25th, 2020  

40 New Skullgirls Character Colors & Their References


As reported yesterday, the latest Skullgirls update adds 40 new character colors to the game... but these aren't just some random color palettes. Lab Zerois known for cleverly basing Skullgirls characters' color schemes off of popular characters from other franchises. A video by Youtuber "TannerOftheNorth" shows each of the new Skullgirls colors and their references. The video also previews the other new content in the recent update, including the new stage "No Man's Land" and the new intro animations. Once again, you can check out the full patch notes of the Skullgirls Combo Breaker 2020 update in the previous article. Enjoy the video!

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Source:  TannerofTheNorth
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