Monday, January 11th 2021

SFV: Champion Edition Akuma x Garuda Crossover Costume


Joining Kairi, Hokuto, Blaire, and Skullomania... Garuda joins the line-up of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition x Fighting EX Layer crossover costumes. Akuma and Garuda faced off in the original Street Fighter EX (and played a role in one another's storyline), so it makes sense that Akuma will acquire Garuda's appearance in SFV. The Akuma x Garuda crossover costume becomes available in SFV: Champion Edition's Extra Battle starting Tuesday, January 12th, 2021. Scroll down to see Capcom's official reveal trailer for the costume via Twitter in addition to some screenshots.



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 Source:  Street Fighter (Twitter)    

Capcom Vs. SNK 3 was in Development, SNK Devs put Ryu, Ken, and Goku in KOF '98

Polygon's deep dive into the history of Street Fighter is back for another edition: Capcom Vs. SNK: An Oral History. A return to the historical moment when Capcom and SNK's rivalry culminated into an epic crossover series unveils crazy new details straight from Capcom and SNK devs, revealing jaw-dropping facts and new details! "Capcom Vs. SNK 3 was in development..."
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