POSTED:  Wednesday, May 27th, 2020                (5/30/2020)

Samurai Shodown: NEOGEO Collection Release Date, New Trailer, Includes Unreleased "SSV Perfect"


SNK has announced the release date(s) for Samurai Shodown: NEOGEO Collection and revealed the latest details on this exciting compilation package! The collection of 7 games will launch with the price tag of $39.99 and will first arrive digitally on PC via the Epic Games Store (FREE for the first week) on June 11th, followed by the Steam release on June 18th. The digital version releases on PS4 / Nintendo Switch on July 28th, followed by a physical edition this Summer (no date yet). In addition to containing SS1 - SSV Special with online play (ranked & casual), the package will also include the unreleased "Samurai Shodown V: Perfect" which features a new story & ending, but leaves Samurai Shodown V: Special's gameplay intact.

Newly confirmed features & modes: a Music Player with 200+ tracks, Museum mode with over 2,000 files, History mode, and Behind-the-Scenes features / developer interviews. Watch the brand new official trailer for Samurai Shodown: NEOGEO Collection, below!


Also be sure to check out SNK's official website for the title, which offers a look at the vibrant history of the series and more on the collection's special features & modes! Below, check out the official box artwork for the physical edition (by Eisuke Ogura) along with some screenshots of the main menu / modes.

[UPDATE] Take a look at the SamSho: NEOGEO Collection physical Limited Edition which will be available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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