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Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo | Bombing Mission Comparison, Musical Gameplay Compilation


TFG Webmaster here. Like many others who have fond memories of the iconic PS1 era, I've been a passionate fan of Final Fantasy VII since the game's original launch back in 1997. FFVII is part of who I am as a gamer. The loveable / deep characters, the expansive world, the brilliant soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu, the memorable story, and everything that followed greatly inspired me back then, and continues to. A new video on TFG's YouTube, I'm proud to present my recent "passion project"... a music-driven video compilation featuring FFVII Remake's cinematics spliced with original PS1 bombing mission gameplay. In addition to paying homage to the events that take place at the start of FF7, this video is also a gameplay compilation. On that note, I hope you enjoy my optimal Cloud combos, Cloud / Barret tag-team tech, Matrix-style camera work, and quick run-through of the FF7R Demo on PS4 Pro. 

I'd like to add... FFVII Remake is absolutely stunning so far. Very few "remakes" of games & movies of this generation manage live up to the hype, but FF7R looks like it's going to exceed all expectations. You can tell just by playing through the demo that Square Enix poured their hearts and souls into this remake. It's been so many years in the making... but it looks like FF7R is going to be worth every minute of the wait. I feel incredibly lucky to have loved a game so much back in 1997. Not everyone is treated to a beautiful reimagining or rebirth of something that they fell in love with in a prior decade.

I'll also go on record and say... I'm glad FF7 Remake is going to be released in numerous installments. There's no humanly possible way to include the entire FF7 story and world into one game with modern RPG story-telling and visuals. Like an episodic TV series, the quality and longevity of FF7R will benefit by having multiple releases over the course of several years - maybe even throughout the better part of the decade. You don't want something like this to be rushed, do you?

Multiple episodes / installments will give Square Enix time to fully polish every saga, environment, and reintroduce all the memorable characters & moments that returning fans are expecting to see... and I couldn't be more excited (as you can probably tell). I could continue on this topic, but I'll save it for the next video. Final Fantasy VII Remake releases on April 10, 2020. Now back to our regularly-scheduled fighting game news.
~Frank / Mr. Yagami TFG Webmaster

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