Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 

Capcom Releases Video Policy for Content Creators


Today, Capcom posted their new Video Policy with updated guidelines for fans planning to create content, videos, or livestreams containing material from Capcom games in 2021 and beyond. Capcom's list of guidelines is similar to that of YouTube or Twitch, but may now impact creators who lock content behind Patreon (for example) or post gameplay videos without commentary. Videos containing leaks, spoilers, or video capture of material from Capcom art books are also prohibited. Videos containing PC mods that Capcom deems inappropriate may also be impacted. If you're a content creator and plan to post videos or other content with footage of Capcom games, be sure to closely read Capcom's new 2021 Video Policy. Below is Capcom USA's tweet containing the link to the policy and guidelines on Capcom's official website.

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 Source:  Capcom

Capcom Arcade Stadium Coming Feb. 2021

Capcom announced a digital collection of 32 arcade classics titled Capcom Arcade Stadium, coming to Switch in February 2021. This collection features several classic 2D fighting games, including: SFII: World Warrior, SFII' Hyper Fighting, Super SFII Turbo, and even Cyberbots. Check out some official promo artwork and official trailer for the package, inside!
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