(Quarter 3 - 2016)

September 30th, 2016
Street Fighter V Concept Art & Bios For SFEX Characters, Kairi & Hokuto

Capcom's CFN Portal released four more Street Fighter V concept artworks and bios for Street Fighter EX characters, this time featuring Kairi and Hokuto (plus their alternate versions). After gazing at the new artwork, learn new details about these classic fighters through Capcom's commentary and official SFV bios. Will SFEX characters see a revival in future SFV seasons? We certainly hope so.

September 29th, 2016
"High Chance" That Tekken 7 Will Not Feature Cross-Platform Play at Launch, Says Harada

There's no denying the "stigma" that revolves around PC gaming, as mods and hacks are widely used to exploit every aspect of a game. TEKKEN producer Katsuhiro Harada recently cited this issue as one of the reasons TEKKEN 7 will most likely not feature cross-platform online play at launch. "It's not a matter of the technology for getting the PS4/XB1/PC players to match up against each other"...

September 25th, 2016
Street Fighter V Update for PC Version Pulled Due to Malware Vulnerability

On Thursday, SFV's update on PS4 went smoothly, but the PC version's patch actually made participating PC players vulnerable to Malware. Uhh oh. The update included a "secret rootkit" giving any installed application kernel-level privileges, opening the door for malicious software. Capcom stated they used the driver to stop PC players from hacking and cheating, but the "poorly-written" code actually opens up a local backdoor.

September 23rd, 2016
SFV's September Update Now Live, Bringing Urien, Daily Challenges, New Stage K.O's and More

Street Fighter V's version 1.06 update is now officially live on PS4 and PC. This major update adds Urien as an unlockable character (costing 100k Fight Money or $5.99). Daily Challenges also make their long-awaited debut, giving players another way to earn Fight Money to unlock new content. Update 1.06 also adds New Stage K.O's / Transitions, "VS CPU" mode, Necalli's new costume, and the new bug fixes.

September 22nd, 2016
SFV Concept Art & Bios For Street Fighter EX Characters: Blair, Pullum, Darn & D. Dark

Capcom's CFN Portal revealed their latest SFV concept artwork, and "PS1 era" fans of the series will definitely love this next batch. The Street Fighter EX is certainly a fan-favorite iteration of the series, in part due to its memorable fighters. Check out SFV concepts along with official bios & commentary from Capcom for Darun Mister, Blair Dame, Pullum Purna and Doctrine Dark.

September 21st, 2016
Street Fighter V Urien Introduction Video, New Stage K.O. Gameplay

With Urien's release coming this Friday, Capcom uploaded their latest SFV introduction series video to talk about the returning SF3 veteran. The 2-min video provides many details about Urien's SFV appearance, including specific playstyle strategies and combos. Additionally, another new video from CapcomChannel's stream archive reveals a new stage K.O. (also featuring Urien) and a new costume for Necalli.

September 20th, 2016
Killer Instinct Shadow Lords Launch Trailer, Full 3.4 Patch Notes

It's been 3 years since Killer Instinct was rebooted on Xbox One. Since November 2013, the title has seen countless enhancements and major changes. The latest update concludes "Season 3" content with the all new Shadow Lords mode featuring a new unlockable stage and character colors. Check out the official launch trailer for Shadow Lords mode, along with full notes for Killer Instinct's 3.4 patch.

September 18th, 2016
SFV Concept Art & Bios For Judgment Girls, Yoga Masters, Shadaloo Ranks, Ruby Heart & Many More

TFG's latest Street Fighter V concept artwork article hosts a plethora of new (and classic) Capcom characters who play a role in the Street Fighter universe. Included are Dhalsim's Yoga Master colleagues, SF3: 3rd Strike's "Judgment Girls", Ruby Heart and her pirate family, protagonists from the Capcom's shooter spin-off, Cannon Spike, and many more! Don't miss this one!

September 17th, 2016
Tekken 7 Tokyo Game Show 2016 Trailer, New Main Menu Image & Kazuya VS Heihachi Artwork

Bandai Namco revealed a new trailer for TEKKEN 7 at the Tokyo Game Show '16. The TGS trailer doesn't unveil anything entirely new, but does show off some new story cinematics between Kazuya and Heihachi. It also recaps TEKKEN 7's new systems such as Rage Drives and Power Crushes with some new 1080p/60fps gameplay.

September 17th, 2016
King of Fighters XIV Receiving Patch in October, Matchmaking Fix & Nakoruru Nerf Incoming

SNK's Yasuyuki Oda and Neo G recently sat down with 4Gamer for an interview. One of the keynotes of the interview is the confirmation that KOF14 will receive a patch in October to remedy some issues. All of the details of the patch will be announced at a later date, but we do know that Nakoruru's hawk will be toned down, and a fix to improve matchmaking & ranked match is planned. (Sources: 4Gamer, Eventhubs)

September 17th, 2016
Street Fighter V September 23rd Update Brings Urien, New Stage KO's, Daily Targets & Bug Fixes

Some long-promised features and modes are finally coming to Street Fighter V on September 23rd, along with the final Season 1 DLC character, Urien. New environmental "Stage KO's" will be added for 9 (yes, nine) stages. Daily Targets will also go live, giving players new ways to earn Fight Money. Finally, a VS CPU mode with AI options, new color bundles, and a slew of bug fixes will also go live. Visit Capcom Unity for full details.

September 16th, 2016
EVO Japan To Be Held in January 2018, EVO Now Under New Parent Company

The biggest fighting game tournament series in the world is headed to Japan in January 2018. This will bring new players into the spotlight and EVO Japan may even host new games which don't get much exposure in the West. To continue the tournament's "evolution," EVO will also be operating under a new parent corporation, Triple Perfect Inc. More details will be announced in the future. (Sources: SRK, EVO Japan)

September 15th, 2016
Tekken 7 Master Raven Artwork & Gameplay, Full Balance Changes List, New HD Screens

With newcomer Master Raven, along with a wave of balance updates hitting TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution arcade cabinets in Japan and Korea, there's a lot for TEKKEN fans to catch up on. For starters, check out official Master Raven artwork by Junny, Yamashita, Fujisawa & Jbstyle in addition to the first raw gameplay of the futuristic kunoichi. Also read up on all of the new system & character balance changes!

September 15th, 2016
Blazblue: Central Fiction Mai Natsume Reveal Trailer

Arc System Works revealed a new Blazblue: Central Fiction trailer for Mai Natsume at the Tokyo Game Show '16. The new trailer previews Mai's in-game abilities and shows off some of what she can do with her spear-like weapon. Blazblue: Central Fiction hits PS4/PS3 in Japan on Oct. 6th, with the latest newcomer to the series (Mai Natsume), arriving as DLC on Oct. 27th. No western dates have been announced yet.

September 15th, 2016
New Mai Shiranui DOA5: Last Round Alternate Costumes Gameplay Footage & Screenshots

Koei Tecmo released a new gameplay trailer and a selection of new HD screenshots to celebrate Mai Shiranui's release in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round as a DLC character. The new trailer shows some of Mai Shiranui's alternate outfits in addition to other female cast members dressing like SNK heroines such as Yuri Sakazaki, Kasumi Todoh and Hinako Shijou.

September 11th, 2016
Master Raven & Balance Changes Hit Tekken 7: Fated Retribution on September 15th

TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution's latest newcomer, Raven's superior officer known only as "Mater Raven", will join the arcade version roster in Japan and Korea on September 15th. The TEKKEN 7 arcade update (titled Ver. D09) will also contain some balance changes and a new "Item Battle" mode (which there are no details about yet). Get ready for the first Master Raven gameplay footage arriving next week! (Sources: ATP, TEKKEN Official)

September 9th, 2016
King of Fighters XIV Full Body Character Artwork

In addition to TFG's King of Fighters XIV character portraits gallery (now featuring crispy high-res versions), our latest KOF XIV artwork gallery is now live! The new gallery features the official full-body character artwork (also found in the KOF XIV "Burn to Fight" edition artbook) for ALL 51 characters in the game. It's a beautiful set of artwork and will hopefully hold you over until TFG's full review of KOF XIV goes live. Stay tuned!

September 8th, 2016
Famitsu Posts Storylines for All of Tekken 7's Newcomers So Far

In preparation for next week's Tokyo Game Show '16 coverage, Famitsu created posted a dedicated TEKKEN 7 webpage. On the page, they posted up some new screenshots and revealed official storylines for all of TEKKEN 7's newcomers... something than fans have long been waiting for.

September 8th, 2016
Yakuza 6 to Feature in-game Arcade With Playable (2-player) VF5: Final Showdown on PS4

Sega announced some new details about their upcoming PS4 title, Yakuza 6. The main character of Yakuza 6 will be able to visit arcades in Japan and (you can) play classic arcade games such as: Outrun, Space Harrier, Super Hang-On, Puyo-Puyo, Fantasy Zone, and Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, of course! This PS4 port of VF5:FS will even include a proper 2-player mode. Yakuza 6 hits PS4 in Japan on Dec. 8th.

September 7th, 2016
Street Fighter V Official Urien Gameplay Trailer, Screenshots & V-Trigger Details

Capcom has been pretty quiet lately regarding updates to Street Fighter V. Out of nowhere, Capcom just released Urien's official SFV gameplay trailer early this morning, demonstrating SFV's next playable DLC character in action. In the trailer, Urien shows off some new & improved attacks combos over his story mode rendition. [UPDATE] Read up on Urien's V-Trigger details and check out 20 new screenshots.

September 4th, 2016
Tekken 7 Akuma Moveset Video, Sample Combos

TEKKEN producer Katsuhiro Harada recently stated that he wants Street Fighter players to be able to "port their skills" over to TEKKEN 7 with Akuma. Top Street Fighter player Poongko has already proven this theory with considerable success in major tournaments. If you plan on learning some Akuma in TEKKEN 7, get a head start with Shudy_Jinlee's video movelist along with a sample combos video!

September 1st, 2016
Latest SFV Concept Art & Bios for Capcom Fighting All-Stars Heroes, Support Characters, Etc.

In TFG's latest SFV concept artwork article, we cover a variety of lesser-known support characters of Street Fighter lore, along with several heroes from Capcom Fighting All-Stars and some other more recognizable faces. These CFAS bios from Capcom reveal previously unknown details about Ingrid, Rook, and D.D (after 13 years)!

August 30th, 2016
Harada Talks About Possibly Expanding Tekken 7 (Console Version) with Paid DLC

Another video interview from Gamescom '16 with Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray has surfaced, this time from GameReactor. In the interview, Harada mentions that "paid DLC" is something that the TEKKEN series has stayed away from with previous releases, but many fans have voiced that they wouldn't mind paying for new content to expand the game. Harada also provides new details on...

August 30th, 2016
Blazblue: Central Fiction English Dub Petition

Arc System Works recently announced that no English dub is planned for Blazblue: Central Fiction. A large portion of the highly passionate Blazblue fanbase quickly voiced their disappointment over social media, including Ragna's English voice actor himself, Patrick Seitz. If the lack of an English dub concerns you, a fan petition supporting a dub in BB:CF is now online and already has 2000+ signatures.  (Sources:  Patrick Seitz)

August 28th, 2016
GameCentral Interviews Harada & Michael Murray on Tekken 7 and Japanese Game Development

At Gamescom '16, TEKKEN producer Katsuhiro Harada and designer Michael Murray were interviewed by GameCentral. The interview covers several topics regarding TEKKEN 7, but also the evolution of Japan's game industry and the fighting genre as a whole. Harada also reiterates some of the main differences and "evolutions" of TEKKEN 7 from the perspective of casual gamers and journalists.  (Sources: Metro.co.uk, Siliconera)

August 26th, 2016
Mortal Kombat XL Finally Coming to PC, Online Beta Now Open

The Mortal Kombat XL update was released back on March 1st on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Some fans became pretty outraged (and made it quite clear in their MKX Steam reviews) when the MKXL didn't come to PC. Well, here we are 7 months later... and NetherRealm just announced an MKXL Online Beta on Steam! The beta will run from now until Aug. 29th (10am PDT). No official date for the PC version has been provided yet.  (Sources: Steam, SRK)

August 25th, 2016
Wireless PS4 DualShock Adaptor Coming to PC/Mac

Sony announced an official wireless adaptor that will enable the use of a PS4 DualShock controller wirelessly on PC and Mac. This is an ultra-convenient plug-and-play adaptor, and saves players the hassle of downloading drivers and buying expensive converters. The adaptor enables every feature on the controller, including light bar, touch pad, motion sensors and headset jack.

August 25th, 2016
King of Fighters XIV Developer Interview with Famitsu

Coinciding with King of fighters XIV's release in North America, Famitsu posted a new interview with the KOF XIV development team. In the interview, producer Yasuyuki Oda and art director Noboyuki Kuroki discuss various topics, such as the evolution to 3D graphics and the 50 character roster. While the interview isn't translated word for word, the good folks over at Madman's Cafe posted some notes.

August 24th, 2016
First Gameplay of Mai Shiranui in DOA5: Last Round

Tecmo Koei has posted the first official gameplay video of SNK's Mai Shiranui as a guest character in Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate Arcade / Last Round. The DOA rendition of Mai shows off an impressive variety of her classic moves implemented into her 3D moveset, along with some new attacks. Mai Shiranui will join DOA5: Last Round sometime next month.

August 23rd, 2016
Superheroes & Supervillains Star in the Latest Street Fighter V "Rejected" Costume Concept Art

Capcom has revealed even more "rejected" character costume concept art on their CFN Portal. This time, we get to check out some "superhero and supervillain" themed costumes for Ryu, Guile, Karin, R. Mika, M. Bison, Birdie & Dhalsim. Thanks yet again to MajinTenshinhan from Eventhubs for translating the costumes' official descriptions from Capcom.

August 22nd, 2016
Tekken 7 PC Version Gameplay in 4K Resolution, Possible Late February 2017 Release Date

While 4k support for TEKKEN 7 hasn't been confirmed by Bandai Namco (for PC or PS4 Neo), Nvidia's official Youtube channel just posted a beautiful 4K quality video of TEKKEN 7 running on PC. If you haven't seen how good TEKKEN 7 looks in person yet, this video running at max settings is the best substitute yet. In addition, some "insider" sources from Bandai Namco might've let TEKKEN 7's release date slip.

August 20th, 2016
Street Fighter V "Rejected" Costumes & Final Character Concepts in Latest Artwork

Capcom's CFN Portal recently posted new concept art showing "secret" rejected alternate costumes for several characters, along with some "final" character concepts for the current cast. Even though these designs were canceled, Capcom mentioned that they could still make the cut to the game if they receive enough fan request for them.

August 18th, 2016
King of Fighters XIV Team Women Fighters and Team K' Gameplay Trailers

Today, SNK is finishing up their series of King of Fighters XIV team gameplay trailers before the big release next week. This time, check out all of the members of Team Women Fighters and Team K's in glorious 60fps / 1080p gameplay action. Classic special moves, new cinematic super moves and some sick combos are all accounted for.

August 18th, 2016
RUMOR: Soul Calibur Sequel Concept Art Leaked?

Some professional-looking Soul Calibur concept artwork for Kilik, Nightmare, Sophitia and Natsu recently appeared online. According to a reliable source of ours, this art was "leaked" by Malaysian production company, Passion Republic, who has worked with AAA developers over the years (working on games such as MKX & Dark Souls 3). Additionally, the Soul Calibur Facebook page posted an Ivy teaser this week.

August 17th, 2016
Gamescom '16: Injustice 2 Harley Quinn & Deadshot Gameplay Reveal Trailer

NetherRealm Studios dropped the latest Injustice 2 trailer at Germany's Gamescom 2016. Two of the "worst heroes ever" make their way to Injustice 2: Harley Quinn and Deadshot. The new gameplay trailer introduces Harley's trusty sidekicks, and some of her new tricks. The expert marksman and assassin known as Deadshot also makes his fighting game debut one of the deadliest villains to inhabit Gotham City.

August 17th, 2016
Gamescom '16: "Kid Kazuya", Young Heihachi & Claudio Stage Confirmed for Tekken 7

In addition to Lee Chaolan being announced, Bandai Namco provided new TEKKEN 7 screenshots revealing Kazuya Mishima as a child in story mode... and yes, he is playable! Further screenshots show off a beautifully ornate interior environment (appearing in Claudio's story mode), and a new story mode costume for Heihachi Mishima. Continue reading for new details on the console version's story mode.

August 17th, 2016
Gamescom '16: Lee Chaolan Tekken 7 Reveal Trailer, Screenshots & Official Bio

Early this morning at Germany's Gamescom 2016, Bandai Namco announced the return of veteran Lee Chaolan for TEKKEN 7. Check out Lee's TEKKEN 7 gameplay reveal trailer in full 60fps/1080p quality! Lee Chaolan's trailer shows off some of Lee's returning moves, new moves, and Rage Drive (however, his Rage Art wasn't shown at this time). The trailer also confirms Lee Chaolan's Player 2 costume is Violet! Excellent! 

August 17th, 2016
Mai Natsume Revealed as the Sixth New Character For Blazblue: Central Fiction

Famitsu just revealed the sixth newcomer for Blazblue: Central Fiction, Mai Natsume, the main character of the spin-off manga titled Blazblue: Remix Heart. Mai Natsume fights with a long bladed staff. Check out her Blazblue appearance in the latest Famitsu scan. Currently no further details are currently available, but we'll know more in Famitsu's next weekly article. 

August 16th, 2016
Street Fighter V Aug. & Sept. Updates Include Daily Targets, Double Fight Money Event & More

Capcom's most recent SFV update blog details incoming updates for this month and next. Later this month, Capcom is continuing effort to resolve rage quitter issues with a new "lockout" system, League Point penalties and stricter guidelines. In September, the first Double Fight Money event will be held in ranked match. Additionally, VS CPU mode & Daily Targets will be added. Further details at Capcom Unity.  (Source: Capcom Unity)

August 14th, 2016
Blazblue: Central Fiction Character Artwork

If you're looking forward to the upcoming release of Blazblue: Central Fiction on PS4/PS3 this Fall, you might be interested in checking out ALL of the brand new official character artworks for the game. TFG's Blazblue: Central Fiction preview profile has been updated with its very own character artwork gallery featuring high quality artwork for all 33 fighters in the game!

August 12th, 2016
Storylines for all King of Fighters XIV Teams

Today, SNK released the official storylines for all 16 teams in The King of Fighters XIV. You can check them out over at SNK's official website for the game, in addition to a brand new artwork by returning series artist, Hideaki.

August 11th, 2016
King of Fighters XIV Team Another World Trailer

In just over 1 week, The King of Fighters XIV will arrive exclusively on Playstation 4. Today, SNK released one of the final trailers before the big release, Team Another World's gameplay trailer. This team is made up of female characters from other SNK series such as Samurai Shodown and their pachinko titles. Check out Nakoruru, Mui Mui and Love Heart in full quality 60 FPS gameplay!

August 8th, 2016
Man Creates Actual Fighting Robot Inspired by Virtua Fighter's Akira Yuki

A Youtuber by the name of Holypong posted a 4-minute video showcasing a fully-functional robot that he created based on Virtua Fighter's Akira Yuki. His robot, originally named "Automo 08," has the ability to throw different kinds of punches and perform some martial arts movements. The video begins by showing part of the creation process of the Akira robot and then demonstrates what it can do.

August 7th, 2016
This Week's Street Fighter V Character Bios & Profile Artwork

It's time once again to return to the CFN Portal to catch up on Capcom's latest Street Fighter V's character bios and profile artwork for the current roster. This time, take a look at the official SFV bios for Laura, Rashid, F.A.N.G., Rainbow Mika and Vega! This week's article also features profile art from TFG's previous SFV artwork & bios article featuring Necalli, Rufus, Nash, Zangief, Dhalsim, Chun-Li, Ryu & Ken.

August 4th, 2016
Capcom Reveals New Artwork & Details on 2003's Cancelled Capcom Fighting All Stars!

Capcom's latest CFN Portal blog reveals a plethora of new artwork and details for the one of Capcom's most mysterious and unfortunate canceled titles, Capcom Fighting All Stars! For the first time ever, Capcom revealed artwork for Demitri and Akuma who were also planned for the game. Also check out some amazing poster artworks by Shinkiro and other gorgeous artwork that makes us wish this game wasn't canceled.

August 4th, 2016
King of Fighters XIV Team Ikari Warriors Trailer

The latest King of Fighters XIV team gameplay trailer features a team who has been appearing ever since the very first King of Fighters tournament, Team Ikari Warriors! Watch Leona Heidern, Clark Still and Ralf Jones kick some ass in the latest KOF14 gameplay trailer.

August 4th, 2016
Hideaki Itsuno Still Wants to Make Rival Schools 3, Asks Fans to Tweet Him Using #RivalSchools3

In a recent post on CFN Network, Rival Schools series producer Hideaki Itsuno talked with Capcom's Takayuki Nakayama about the iconic Rival Schools series. Itsuno (yet again) expressed his passion to create Rival Schools 3, revealing that Batsu, Hinata and Kyosuke haven't graduated yet (they started their 3rd year in their last story appearance). He also asked Rival Schools fans to tweet at him using the tag #RivalSchools3, so let's get that going!

August 3rd, 2016
Collector Discovers Unreleased Atomiswave Fighting Game by Dream Factory, KenJu

An arcade board collector by the name of ShouTime recently came across the prototype for KenJu, an unreleased fighting game by Dream Factory (the makers of Tobal and Ehrgeiz). KenJu uses 3D cel-shaded graphics and 2D gameplay on a 3D field, comparable to Capcom's Rival Schools series. KenJu was in development in 2005 but was canceled. Without further ado, check out some gameplay videos of Kenju.

August 2nd, 2016
Tekken 7: FR Bob & Master Raven Training Footage, Balance Changes Video, Akuma Getting Nerfed

Bandai Namco held an official stream for TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution on August 1st, showing off Master Raven & Bob training mode footage. They also announced that Bob will be added to the game on Aug. 9th, with Master Raven joining the roster in September. Finally, the TEKKEN team announced some upcoming balance changes to the evolving game, and confirmed that Akuma will indeed be getting nerfed.

August 2nd, 2016
Preview of Upcoming Street Fighter V Action Figures by Storm Collectibles

At San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Storm Collectibles showed off their upcoming line of Street Fighter V action figures. So far the line includes Ryu, Ken, M. Bison, and Alex. The 1:12 scale figures will include various points of articulation and alternate hands and heads. Now check out the latest preview images of these upcoming SFV figures!

July 31st, 2016
Week 1 SFV Juri Combo & Gameplay Videos Roundup

It hasn't even been a full week since Juri Han joined SFV's roster, and the online Street Fighter community has already discovered some killer combos and strategies with the stylishly-evil Tae Kwon Do goddess. If you're looking to learn how to properly use Juri in SFV, this "week 1" combo & gameplay video roundup should be just the thing to get you started.

July 28th, 2016
King of Fighters XIV Team Psycho Soldier Trailer

This afternoon, AtlusUSA and Playstation released the latest King of Fighters XIV team gameplay trailer. The veterans of Team Psycho Soldier return in KOF XIV with a new look, new moves, and some sick combos. This gameplay trailer provides the first look at Sie Kensou in KOF XIV gameplay.

July 27th, 2016
SFV Concept Art/Bios for Mad Gear, Evil Ryu & More + New "Profile Art" For Returning Veterans

This news update will bring you up to speed with the latest Street Fighter V concept art and official bios from Capcom's CFN Portal. This new batch of artwork includes Mad Gear villains, Belger, Edi. E, and Abigail, in addition to Evil Ryu, Violent Ken, Abel, and Ed. Also check out Capcom's new "profile artworks" for returning characters such as Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Nash & Zangief (complete with SFV bios)!

July 24th, 2016
Official Blazblue: Central Fiction Website Features Combo Videos for All 33 Characters

Arc System Works' official Japanese website for Blazblue: Central Fiction recently added short combo videos for all 33 characters in the game, including the latest newcomer to the series, Es. To view the combo videos, simply visit the website, enter the "Characters" section, and you'll see the video link. Each character profile also has a few voice samples that you can listen to.  (Source: Blazblue.jp)

July 24th, 2016
King of Fighters Crossover With Brave Frontier 

Brave Frontier is a Japanese mobile RPG released worldwide by A-Lim for Android/iOS. The series has seen several crossover characters since its original release in 2013, and the latest crossover features SNK's King of Fighters. Eight fighters will be making their way to Brave Frontier, including: Kyo, Iori, Terry, Benimaru, Athena, Mai, Kula and Rugal. To check out some cool chibi character artwork & sprites...

July 24th, 2016
A Video of Dizzy's Instant Kill on Every Character in Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-

Sometimes, "super moves" in fighting games are so epic that there's a necessity to watch them performed on every character in the game, as is the the case with Dizzy's Instant Kill in GGXrd -REVELATOR-. GGXrd's innovative style of unique character interaction during Instant Kills shows through vividly in Dizzy's, which has her "hold back" her power only to watch her opponent hilariously surrender.

July 22nd, 2016
Injustice 2 Wonder Woman & Blue Beetle Gameplay Reveal Trailer

NetherRealm Studios revealed 2 new characters for Injustice 2 today at their SDCC '16 panel. Check out the gameplay reveal trailer for Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle! In other Injustice 2 news, it's been confirmed that the PS4/XB1 title will feature GGPO and "tournament mode". Also, Tom Taylor (Injustice: Gods Among Us comic writer) will be returning to work on a series of Injustice 2 comics.

July 21st, 2016
Juri Joins Street Fighter V July 26th, Reveal Trailer, V-Trigger Details & New Costumes

Capcom announced new info and visual content for SFV's Juri at their San Diego Comic-Con 2016 today. Juri will become available next Tuesday, July 26 at 5pm PDT. Juri's reveal trailer and new screenshots were also revealed, in addition to new Summer Costumes for Ibuki, Cammy & Laura and a Chun-Li alt. costume designed by legendary series artist and creator of Chun-Li, Akiman! Read on for Juri V-Trigger details & more!

July 20th, 2016
GGXrd -Revelator- "Digital Figure Mode" Preview

Along with revealing Dizzy at EVO '16, Arc System Works announced an upcoming new mode for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- called "Digital Figure Mode". This mode allows players to get creative and make their own digital dioramas using Xrd's 3D character models. Players can put characters in different poses, colors, and change the backgrounds. Today, Arc System Works posted a video preview of the new mode.

July 20th, 2016
EVO 2016 Top "Hype" Moments Compilations for Street Fighter V, Tekken 7: FR, Ultimate MVC3 & More

EVO 2016 will go down in history as one of the most groundbreaking fighting game tournaments of all time. Filling up the entire Mandalay Bay Sports Arena, the EVO finals reached over 200k viewers on ESPN2, in addition to 214k viewers on Twitch and 182k viewers on the main stream. Let's celebrate this huge achievement for the fighting game community with the "most hype moments" from EVO '16!

July 19th, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV Team China Gameplay Trailer

SNK continues the KOF XIV hype today with a brand new team gameplay trailer. The trailer for KOF XIV's Team China demonstrates gameplay for returning veteran Tung Fu Rue, new protagonist Shun'ei, and the sleepy Meitenkun. Once again, the free playable demo of KOF14 is now available on PS4 in North America and Europe!

July 19th, 2016
King of Fighters XIV PS4 Demo Now Live in North America & Europe, Latest Console Version Details

It continues to be an exciting year for fighting game fans... Today, SNK released the King of Fighters XIV PS4 demo in North America and Europe! (If you're having trouble downloading it on your PS4, simply login to the PS Store through the internet and download the KOF XIV demo to your PS4.) While you guys enjoy the demo today, also read up on the latest KOF XIV console version details from EVO '16.

July 18th, 2016
EVO '16: Ono Confirms Juri Han as SFV's Next DLC Fighter, Will Arrive Before the End of July

Before EVO '16's Street Fighter V top 8 finals, Yoshinori Ono took the stage to confirm Juri Han as SFV's next DLC fighter. Ono also mentioned that Juri will be released before the end of the month. That said, it probably won't be long before Capcom unveils Juri's full SFV trailer and screenshots, so be sure stay tuned! Yoshinori Ono also announced "EVO Japan" which we'll know more about soon.

July 17th, 2016
EVO '16: Master Raven & Bob Announced for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, Arcade Ver. Opening Movie

Katsuhiro Harada, Michael Murray and Mark Julio hit the EVO 2016 center stage to announce 2 new fighters for TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution. A newcomer "Master Raven" was revealed (confirmed by Harada as Raven's boss), along with the return of good old Bob. Check out both of their reveal trailers in full 1080p/60fps! Harada-san also uploaded the full opening movie for the arcade version of T7FR!

July 17th, 2016
EVO '16: Dizzy Comes to GGXrd -REVELATOR- for Free Tomorrow, Reveal Trailer

Dizzy will be joining Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- tomorrow for free (for a limited time). A new "1.03" patch is available now on PS4/PS3, which includes game & character balance updates. In addition to Dizzy, Elphelt's classic outfit from -SIGN- will be released as DLC tomorrow. A future "1.04" patch was also announced which adds a "digital figure mode" to the game. Now check out Dizzy's reveal trailer from EVO '16!

July 17th, 2016
EVO '16: King of Fighters XIV Story Trailer, Antonov Trailer, Playable Demo Hits PSN July 19th

SNK revealed two new trailers for The King of Fighters XIV at EVO '16. The first one is a 3-minute Story trailer showing gameplay and cinematics, and the second one shows KOF XIV sub-boss Antonov in gameplay for the first time ever. The story trailer also confirms a playable demo of KOF XIV comes to PSN on July 19th! The demo will have 7 playable characters: Kyo, Iori, Shun'el, Mai, Nelson, King of Dinos & Sylvie.

July 17th, 2016
EVO '16: Killer Instinct Season 3 Eyedol Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Following the EVO 2016 Killer Instinct finals, Iron Galaxy revealed the newest and final character of Killer Instinct Season 3, the returning boss from the very first installment, Eyedol! Eyedol will become available for Season 3 "Ultra Edition" on Jul 22nd, and Season 3 "Combo Breaker" July 29th. Now check out Eyedol's official gameplay reveal trailer from EVO '16!

July 16th, 2016
EVO '16: Garou: Mark of The Wolves Coming to PS4 & Vita With Online Play & Trophies

SNK made a surprise announcement at their EVO '16 panel today. One of the most highly-acclaimed, beloved 2D fighters by SNK is making its way to Playstation 4 and Vita in the future. Garou: Mark of the Wolves will join The Last Blade 2 on PS4 & Vita featuring Online Play, Trophy Support, and other modes. More details to be announced soon! An early version of the PS4 port is currently playable at EVO.

July 16th, 2016
Bandai Namco Hosting Tekken 7 and Soul Calibur 20th Anniversary Panel at SDCC '16

Hot on the heels of EVO, San Diego Comic-Con '16 is already next week (July 21-24)! Katsuhiro Harada, Michael Murray and Mark Julio will be in attendance on Friday, July 22nd at the Bandai Namco panel to talk about TEKKEN 7. A "special discussion" about Soul Calibur's 20th anniversary is also planned at the panel. Nothing is certain, but one would keep one's fingers crossed for possible announcements.  (Source: SRK, 8WayRun)

July 16th, 2016
Killer Instinct "Definitive Edition" and Shadow Lords Mode Coming Sept. 20th

Microsoft officially announced Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition for Xbox One which will arrive Sept. 20th. The Definitive Edition is exactly what it sounds like, featuring all 26 characters from all 3 seasons. The package also includes ports of KI1 & KI2, original soundtrack CD, and an exclusive gold Gargos skin, and will retail for $39.99. If you're interested, definitely check out the announce trailer for KI: Definitive Edition.

July 15th, 2016
EVO '16: Upcoming SFV DLC Includes New Stages, "Nostalgic" Costumes for Alex and Ibuki + More

Capcom kicked off EVO '16 with some exciting Street Fighter V announcements. To start, a new "Capcom Pro Tour" DLC pack is now live on PSN. It includes the new "Ring of Destiny" stage, new colors for all fighters, new costumes for Chun-Li & Cammy, along with a "mystery" costume and special titles. In addition, "Nostalgic" costumes for Alex & Ibuki and M. Bison's classic SF2 stage were also revealed as future DLC!

June 15th, 2016
Official Soul Calibur Facebook Page Celebrating Series 20th Anniversary

The Soul Calibur series is now (over) 20 years old, with the arcade version of Soul Edge releasing back in Dec. 1995. The latest major installment (SC5) released back in early 2012, and many fans are awaiting a sequel. Well, the official Soul Calibur Facebook page just posted an image celebrating the series 20th anniv. and is hosting a new character popularity contest. Could this be a sign of an incoming "SC6" announcement soon?

July 14th, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV Team South Town Trailer

SNK released the latest team gameplay trailer for The King of Fighters XIV. The latest trailer returns us to historic South Town and shows off gameplay footage of Billy Kane, Geese Howard and Hein. Take a look at badass special moves, super moves, and combos courtesy of Team South Town!

July 14th, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV - SNK Reveals Full Command Lists For 48 Characters

The upcoming "King of Fighters XIV World Premiere Tour" kicks off this weekend at EVO 2016. The EVO build will feature a whopping 48 playable characters, and conveniently, SNK just released full command lists for all 48! So if you're headed to EVO or any future KOF14 events, be sure to study up! The individual movelists are in the form of PDF files and thankfully are translated in English. (Source: SNKPOfficial)

July 14th, 2016
EVO 2016 Full Stream & Tournament Schedule

The biggest weekend of the year for fighting games is almost upon us... EVO 2016 will crown new world champions, and will also be the first EVO featuring Street Fighter V, TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution, Mortal Kombat XL and POKKEN Tournament. To be sure you don't miss your favorite games being played live by the best players in the world, here's the full stream & tournament schedule! Stream links provided!

July 13th, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV Nightmare Geese Howard Trailer + New HD Screenshots

AtlusUSA released a new King of Fighters XIV trailer revealing the "Nightmare Geese" DLC costume. Nightmare Geese has appeared as a selectable character in previous KOF installments, where Geese is considered to be canonically dead. However, in KOF XIV Nightmare Geese is simply a DLC skin for Geese Howard. In related news, the digital pre-order of KOF14 is now available on PSN in North America.

July 11th, 2016
Tekken 7: FR New Moves Compilation Video

Check out this 12-minute video compilation showcasing nearly every new move in TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution for every character in the game. The video also demonstrates several combos utilizing the new moves, in addition to each character's Rage Drive. Note that the video doesn't include the new moves added in vanilla TEKKEN 7 or new Rage Arts.

July 9th, 2016
Mai Shiranui is Joining DOA5: Last Round, Along With Attack on Titan Costumes & Stage

Koei Tecmo made some surprise announcements for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round at their recent "DOA festival" event. For starters, SNK's Mai Shiranui will be added to DOA5: LR as a playable character this September. Additionally, some KOF-themed costumes were also confirmed as future DLC. Another unexpected surprise is an Attack on Titan stage, in addition to costumes. Check out the teaser trailer + screenshots!

July 8th, 2016
Tekken 7: Fated Retribution Akuma Combo Videos + Anti-Akuma Punish Tutorial

TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution has been out in arcades for 5 days now, and it's unanimous... Akuma is a beast. While the Street Fighter icon has some crazy-strong juggles and wall pressure, it's still too early to cry "OP". Here's a roundup of the latest Akuma combo videos, in addition to an "Akuma punishments" video which demonstrates effective Jin Kazama punishes against Akuma.

July 8th, 2016
Blazblue: Central Fiction Trailer Introduces Newcomer "Es" From Xblaze

Blazblue: Central Fiction is on its way to PS4/PS3 in Japan this October. The North America version release date is currently Fall 2016 and Q4 2016 in Europe. The newest character announced for Blazblue: Central Fiction name is a girl named "Es" who is original from XBlaze - Code: Embryo, a visual novel game by Arc System Works. Today, Arc System Works uploaded a trailer showing a good minute of Es gameplay.

July 8th, 2016
TFG's Full Review of Street Fighter V

It's been a long time coming, but as always... TFG offers you one of the most elaborate fighting game reviews you'll find anywhere. Shortly after SFV's major July 2016 update, which added some (not all) of the originally advertised content to the game, TFG Webmaster / Mr. Yagami gives you his full and honest opinion of the latest build of Street Beta V... *sough* ...Street Fighter V. Enjoy the full review!

July 7th, 2016
The King of Fighters XIV Team Mexico Trailer

The newest team gameplay trailer for The King of Fighters XIV is here. Team Mexico's trailer shows off Ramon, Angel and The King of Dinosaurs (previously known as Tizoc). You'll notice that each of Team Mexico's fighters uses a unique style of Lucha Libre / Pro-Wrestling to grapple and slam their opponents into submission. 

July 7th, 2016
Tekken 7 Director Addresses Input Lag Controversy, Discusses Additional Characters

Gamespot recently interviewed Katsuhiro Harada who made some interesting statements on the controversial issue of "input lag". The gist of the interview is that is a certain amount of input lag has always existed in fighting games. "Since when did everyone become so knowledgeable about input lag? I have a question. In the 90s, how many frames of input lag did Virtua Fighter have? How about Tekken?" Harada said. Read the full interview at Gamespot.

July 7th, 2016
4Gamer Interviews With King of Fighters XIV Devs and Ex-Capcom Employee, Neo-G

4Gamer recently posted 2 great interviews on the development of King of Fighters XIV. The first interview, translated by MMCafe, is filled with interesting fun facts on development decisions and other topics. It features producer Yasukuyi Oda, artist Eisuke Ogura, battle designer Hayato Watanabe, and Neo_G, who worked for Capcom until early 2016. The second interview is with Neo-G and Oda.  (Sources: MMCafe, 4Gamer)

July 6th, 2016
New Tekken 7: FR Customization Options & Details

Following TEKKEN 7: FR's recent release in arcades, some new customizations have been discovered. New screens show removable parts of characters' default costumes, new facepaint/makeup options, new items, and more. Players can also change the color of any character's default hair (an option that wasn't in TTT2).

July 6th, 2016
Tekken 7: FR Akuma & Nina Williams Artwork by Jbstyle, Junny, Fujisawa & Yamashita

The latest TEKKEN 7 artwork from artists Tomio Fujisawa, Shunya Yamashita, Junny and Jbstyle has been unveiled. Check out the artists' renditions of Akuma & Nina Williams, the first 2 new characters appearing in TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution. Like in TTT2, these character artworks will be available in-game to customize player character panels.

June 5th, 2016
Tekken 7: Fated Retribution Officially Released in Japan & Korea 

Today's the day... TEKKEN 7: Fated Retribution has been released in Japan and Korea arcades. TEKKEN 7: FR initially adds Akuma & Nina to the game, along with updated default costumes, new customizations, Rage Drives, updated Rage Arts, new moves for all characters, and more. The console version set for "Early 2017" will feature even more characters & content. Stay tuned on TFG for updates! 

July 4th, 2016
EVO 2016 Street Fighter V Competition to be Broadcast on ESPN2

EVO 2016 is less than 2 weeks away... Are you ready? Because ESPN is. Capcom recently announced that ESPN2 will be broadcasting Street Fighter V competition from EVO '16 on Sunday, July 17th - 10pm (ET) / 7pm (PT). Needless to say, it's great to see fighting games continuing to reach a greater audience. Capcom also released a TV Spot announcing EVO SFV on ESPN2.

July 4th, 2016
New Skullgirls Title Coming to Andriod/iOS

Lab Zero announced a new Skullgirls game coming to mobile platforms. It's not a direct port, but they are taking content from Skullgirls: 2nd Encore to create a "collectible deck/team" building adventure. There will be many RPG elements present, but players will also be able to perform combos, special moves & finishing attacks. Check out the official trailer for the upcoming Android/iOS title.

July 2nd, 2016
Street Fighter V Concept Artwork & Bios for All of Shadaloo's Dolls

The mysterious Shadaloo dolls first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Besides Juli and Juni, not much was known about the other dolls. In Street Fighter V's newly released story mode, the lesser-known dolls have finally made themselves known. Check out official concept artwork & bios for Juli, Juni, Decapre, Marz, Aprile, Enero, Fevrier, Satsuki, Xiayu, Jianyu, Santamu, Noembelu, and Decapre!

July 1st, 2016
Tekken 7 Developers on New Features, Character Styles & Not Charging For in-Game Items

Siliconera recently caught up with TEKKEN 7 producer Katsuhiro Harada and designer Michael Murray. A wide variety of questions are asked, including many "staples" which you probably already know the answers to. However, Harada reaffirms that the team is not thinking about in-game monetization for unlocking items. Harada also answers some questions about POKKEN Tournament in the interview.

July 1st, 2016
Street Fighter V Summer Costumes, Juri & Urien Alternate Costumes + First Gameplay

With Street Fighter V's story mode update now out in the wild, data-miners on PC have discovered some additional content that has yet to be officially announced by Capcom. This includes Summer costumes for several female fighters and alternate costumes for Urien & Juri, along with some early Juri & Urien gameplay footage. Some of the content is potentially spoiler-worthy, so tread carefully.
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