(Quarter 3 - 2015)

September 30th, 2015
Tekken 7 "Jbstyle" Custom Character Panel Artwork Now Available in Arcade Version

A cool feature first introduced in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has officially made its return in the arcade version of TEKKEN 7. Players can now earn custom T7 character artwork panels for their favorite fighters. The first custom art panels to become available are drawn by Jbstyle. Artworks by Shunya Yamashita, Junny & Tomio Fujisawa will also be made available in the near future. Below is a preview of some of the new TEKKEN 7 artwork.

September 28th, 2015
Killer Instinct 2.10 Update is Live, Full Patch Notes

Today, Ultra-Combo.com unveiled the full patch notes for Killer Instinct's 2.10 update. Patch 2.10 includes tons of bug fixes, balance adjustments, and many specific character changes. The patch will go live Tuesday (afternoon), September 29th. Alex Jebailey of Iron Galaxy also mentioned that the team has been hard at work on Season 3 (which is slated for a March 2016 release on PC & XB1).

September 22nd, 2015
Street Fighter V PC Spec Recommendations, Second Beta Will Support PS4/PC Cross-Play

A post on Capcom-Unity today revealed the minimum and recommended specs in order to play Street Fighter 5 on your gaming PC or laptop. Thankfully, the system requirements aren't too off the charts, as the game should run considerably smooth on a fairly new or recently upgraded gaming rig. In the blog, Capcom also said they will be announcing the dates for the second SFV beta test in the future, which will allow for cross play between PS4 and PC.

September 21st, 2015
Mortal Kombat X Patch 1.09 Live on Playstation 4

The latest Mortal Kombat X patch is now downloadable on Playstation 4 and will be coming shortly to Xbox One and PC. The minor update fixes several bugs and adjusts a variety of character specific issues. Head over to WB Games to read up on all of the changes in patch 1.09.

September 17th, 2015
Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- TGS '15 Trailer

Today, Arc System Works presented a new trailer for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- at Tokyo Game Show '15. The trailer visually recaps everything you already know about the -SIGN- sequel, highlighting returning and new characters alike. However, the TGS trailer does give a brief glimpse at new -REVELATOR- story content, as well as new stages... so it's definitely worth a watch.

September 17th, 2015
SFV Karin Kanzuki Gameplay From TGS '15

As one of the most requested characters to return in SFV, the old school Street Fighter community is more than hype about Karin Kanzuki's epic comeback. To continue the celebration, check out some raw gameplay videos from the Tokyo Game Show 2015!

September 17th, 2015
Community Building "Capcom Fighters Network" To Be Built Into Street Fighter V Online Mode

Along with Karin's reveal, Capcom announced "Capcom Fighters Network" (CFN) at TGS '15. CFN is a community building tool that will be built directly into SFV's online infrastructure. Some of the in-game features of CFN, include: a "heat map" showing where battles are happening worldwide, detailed match statistics, player profiles, follow favorite players, register friends, search & watch replays, send battle invitations, patch/tourney news, and more!

September 17th, 2015
Karin Kanzuki Revealed For SFV at TGS '15, Trailer, Screenshots, Artwork, V-Trigger & Movelist

Today at Tokyo Game Show '15, Capcom has revealed Karin Kanzuki for Street Fighter 5! Check out Karin's reveal trailer (which shows off a brand new stage), along with 16 HD screenshots, character artwork, plus Karin's V-Trigger details & movelist! 

September 16th, 2015
DBFC Ignition PS4/PS3/Vita Japanese Trailer

Sega recently posted a new trailer for Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax IGNITION to promote the upcoming Japanese release on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and Playstation PS Vita (December 17th, 2015). The new 4-minute trailer includes gameplay footage of the some of the new fighters like Quenser, Tatsuya Shiba & Emi Yusa, and even shows off some new stages exclusive to the IGNITION update.

September 15th, 2015
The King of Fighters XIV Announced For Playstation 4, First Screenshots & Teaser Trailer

During the Tokyo Game Show 2015, Sony has officially announced The King of Fighters XIV for Playstation 4. The new title will feature 3D character models and stages and is said to "stay true to its gameplay roots". The title is being planned for release in 2016. Without further ado, check out the teaser trailer, first screenshots, and official website for KOFXIV.

September 14th, 2015
Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Coming to PS4/PS3 Spring 2016 in Japan

Jam, Johnny and Jack-O will Roman Cancel their way to Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 when the console iteration of Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- comes out Japan next Spring. Keep in mind that by then, it's very possible that the game will feature even more new fighters. Arc System Works also announced GGXrd -SIGN- sold over 100,000 units in Japan. To celebrate, they'll be offering some free character color DLC in GGXrd -SIGN between Oct. 7, 2015 thru Jan 5, 2016.

September 12th, 2015
SFV Rashid Screenshots, Artwork, V-Trigger Details

Street Fighter V's new Middle Eastern fighter, Rashid, was announced yesterday at Dubai's Games 2015 event. Today, Capcom released Rashid's SFV character artwork and a bunch of HD screenshots. We've also got the first details on Rashid's playstyle, V-Trigger and V-Skill.

September 11th, 2015
Rashid Joins SFV Roster, Reveal Trailer, Gameplay, And How The Design Was Brought to Life

During Dubai's Games 2015 event, Capcom revealed the second newcomer for Street Fighter V, Rashid. Using speedy footwork, acrobatics, and the power of wind, Rashid looks to mix things up in SFV. Check out Rashid's reveal trailer, along with several minutes of raw gameplay footage. Also read up on how Rashid's design was brought to life thanks to Capcom's partnership with Sony and the Middle Eastern community.

September 10th, 2015
Captain Commando, Heihachi, June, B.B. Hood Join Project X Zone 2, Screens + Character Art

If you're not familiar with Project X Zone, it's a crossover tactical RPG for 3DS with characters from Capcom, Namco & Sega. The sequel, PXZ2: Brave New World, is planned for a Nov. 2015 release in Japan (Q1 2016 for NA/EU). Famitsu recently reported some brand new characters from the fighting game universe joining the game's roster, including: Captain Commando, Heihachi, June & B.B.Hood. Check out screens & artwork of said characters!

September 8th, 2015
HD Screenshots of Jam in GGXrd -Revelator-

Today, Arc System Works revealed 6 new HD screenshots of the latest Guilty Gear series veteran returning in GGXrd: Revelator, Jam Kuradoberi. Jam's arrival to the title was also announced for late September, but Jam will actually be playable in Japan in location test form starting tomorrow.

September 7th, 2015
Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition Hits PS4, PS3 & PS Vita in Japan December 17th

The updated version of Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax will make its jump to consoles in Japan this December. The IGNITION update includes new characters such as: Quenser, Tatsuya Shiba & Emi Yusa, and adds Training Mode, Gallery, Network mode to the game. DBFC IGNITION hits PS4, PS3 & PS Vita in Japan on December 17th. On that note, the original version of DBFC is still planned for release in North America & Europe on October 6th.

September 5th, 2015
Official Street Fighter V Beta Survey is Live

If you participated in the first official Street Fighter V beta on Playstation 4, Capcom wants your feedback. This online survey asks players a variety of questions concerning the beta, ranging from individual character strengths to pros & cons about your experience with the beta, and should take you under 5 minutes to complete. Remember, Capcom has at least 2 more beta tests planned before the game's launch in early 2016.

September 3rd, 2015
4 New Characters & Stage Coming to MKX in 2016

Yesterday, Ed Boon teased a reveal of sorts for new Mortal Kombat X DLC content. Turns out, the reveal is just another teaser... but Mr. Boon did confirm that 4 new fighters and 1 new stage is planned for MKX in the first half of 2016. This image showing 4 silhouettes may (or may not) give an accurate hint at future MKX DLC characters. Possible returns would include: Baraka, Sindel, Rain & Bo Rai Cho... but lately Ed has been obsessed with Xenomorph from Alien, so who knows.

September 3rd, 2015
Soul Calibur: Lost Swords Will End Service Nov. 30th

One of the strangest and most unnecessary fighting game spin-offs of all time, Soul Calibur: Lost Swords, will be ending its service on November 30th. (And good riddance... because a 1-player free-to-play fighting game based around micro-transactions never made any sense.) Before it ends, the game will host a "farewell event" between Sept. 16th-30th. Hopefully, this will be the first step in getting the Soul Calibur series back on track. How about some Soul Calibur 6?

September 1st, 2015
SFV R. Mika Gameplay Videos From PAX 2015

Now that this past weekend's PAX 2015 is behind us, we've compiled the best Street Fighter V Rainbow Mika gameplay clips from the show floor, including gameplay from Capcom's Peter "Combofiend" Rosas and Gootecks. Also have a listen to R. Mika's full speech from her V-Skill (and see its crazy power-enhancing effects). And for a rundown of R. Mika's V-Trigger and general playstyle, see our previous article from when she was announced.

August 31st, 2015
Screenshots of Street Fighter V's First Alternate Costumes, Collector's Edition Details

Today, Capcom unveiled 8 HD screenshots showing Street Fighter 5's first alternate costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li, M. Bison and Cammy. The new costumes are currently promoting SFV pre-orders for the following retailers: Amazon, Best Buy, PSN & Gamestop (with each retailer offering 1 exclusive costume). It's likely that all 4 costumes will be available for purchase via PSN, but for now... the only way to obtain them is through pre-ordering.

August 29th, 2015
Mortal Kombat X Cancelled For Xbox 360, PS3

While PS3 & Xbox 360 ports of MKX were planned and announced for 2015, the last-gen versions have officially been cancelled due to quality standards. "After months of development, Warner Bros. has come to the regrettable conclusion that we cannot release MKX for PS3 and Xbox 360. Our teams worked diligently to meet the quality standards set by the current-gen versions," said a Warner Bros. community admin. That said, if you pre-ordered, get a refund... and a PS4. 

August 28th, 2015
R. Mika SFV Promotional Card / Vine, Movelist

After yesterday's super hype announce trailer & screenshots for the return of Rainbow Mika, today, Capcom released the "7 colored bomber's" promotional SFV trading card and 7-second vine video. Someone also managed to grab a photo of R. Mika's full movelist (complete with move names) from the PAX '15 floor today.

August 27th, 2015
R. Mika Announced For Street Fighter 5! Trailer, Artwork, Screenshots & V-Trigger Details

The famed female wrestler from Street Fighter Alpha 3 will make her epic return in Street Fighter V! Capcom released R. Mika's reveal trailer this morning, along with her SFV character art and 16 HD screenshots! Ladies and gentlemen... GET HYPE, BECAUSE R. MIKA SAID SOOOOOOO. Also read up on R. Mika's V-Trigger details and playstyle!

August 26th, 2015
SFV Worldwide Beta Test Returns August 28th

With the original SFV beta test (last month) having major connectivity issues, Capcom has kept their promise of a 5 day worldwide beta test. The official beta test will return on August 28th at 4:00pm PDT and run through September 2nd. On Capcom Unity Today, Peter Rosas stated "Outside of the servers being shut down for periodic maintenance, we expect everything to run continuously throughout the entire five day beta period."  (Source: Capcom Unity)

August 25th, 2015
GGXrd -Revelator- Hits Japanese Arcades, In-Game Player Vote Will Determine New Characters

The sequel to GGXrd -SIGN-, Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- releases in Japanese arcades today! While the sequel already features 3 new fighters, Arc System Works announced they will be holding a character vote (through an in-game method on the arcade version) to determine the next playable character for -REVELATOR-. This certainly sounds cool... but unfortunately, it seems players outside of Japan won't be able to participate in the voting.  (Sources: SRK, ARC)

August 25th, 2015
Blazblue: Central Fiction Location Test Videos, First Naoto & Hibiki Gameplay

If you've been waiting for more Blazblue, the first gameplay footage of Central Fiction has arrived. In these location test gameplay videos, check out newcomers Naoto Kurogane & Hibiki Kohaku in action (and played by high-level players). Seasoned players will also notice new moves and balance changes for some of the returning characters.

August 24th, 2015
Stress Test For SFV Beta Hits America This Week

After successful Street Fighter V beta online "stress tests" in Europe & Asia, Capcom will open up the servers in North & South America beginning tomorrow (Tuesday, August 25th) which will run from 4:00pm PDT to 12:00am PDT. The beta will continue on Wednesday (August 26th) during the same time period. After the stress test stage is complete, Capcom will announce the dates & times for the official 5-day worldwide beta test.  (Source: Capcom Unity)

August 23rd, 2015
TFG Banner Contest 2015 Winners Announced!

The 3 winners of TFG's Banner Contest 2015 have been decided.... Congratulations to Ramses, ADTheTribalChild and D-ONE for taking 1ST, 2ND & 3RD in this year's contest!!! Also a big thanks to all participants for supporting the banner contest; you artists keep TFG looking fresh and beautifully badass. Fun Fact: There were banner entries from a total of 8 different countries this year! So thanks to all you world warriors, and I hope to see your return in next year's contest!

August 20th, 2015
Capcom Announces Updated SFV PS4 Beta Plans

Early this morning, Capcom Unity announced the first dates for the "relaunch" of the SFV beta on PS4. The first regional "stress test" will begin in Europe today (16:00-00:00 BST) and continue tomorrow. If all goes well with the European test, Capcom will announce dates & times for North America and Asia, followed by the official global beta test. The global beta test will still take place for the "previously promised 5 days of time"... so the regional stress tests are just an added bonus.

August 19th, 2015
Rash's New Alternate Look in Killer Instinct

The hype is still strong for Battletoads's Rash jumping into KI Season 3 as the series first guest fighter. Players who have access to the new beta can currently choose from either a green or a red version of Rash, but a recent image shows a more detailed skin for the Battletoad (with purple & dark green variants), leading some to believe that his original look may be his "retro" outfit. While Rash is still in development, check out images & video of Rash's new look.

August 15th, 2015
Street Fighter 5 Beta Update Released, Capcom Planning To Relaunch The Beta Program ASAP

Yesterday, Capcom released update file 1.02 and performed an "internal stress test" for the SF5 beta on PS4. The 1.2GB update will improve matchmaking and login when the servers go live. A handful of players were able to connect to the SF5 beta yesterday, but the server didn't stay online for long. Capcom stated that they are working to "relaunch" the SF5 beta as quickly as possible. That said, remember to keep your eye on the official Street Fighter Twitter for updates.

August 15th, 2015
Jam Kuradoberi Announced For GGXrd -Revelator-

During Arc Revolution Cup 2015, Arc System Works announced yet another returning veteran for the new installment of Guilty Gear. Jam Kuradoberi will return in GGXrd Revelator, and she'll be launching in the arcade version (very soon) on August 25th. The brand new GGXrd -Revelator- arcade opening movie runs through the entire roster and reveals Jam near the end. Also check out Jam's GGXrd character artwork!

August 14th, 2015
Final Weekend To Enter TFG's 2015 Banner Contest!

TFG's "Create-A-Banner Contest 2015" will finally come to a close next Monday evening, August 17th! That means that this weekend is your last chance to enter, if you have the skillz to create a badass Fighters Generation banner. ;) Once again, the TOP 2 winners will score exclusive, personalized artworks by 2 amazing artists (@JET3000 and @Seeso2D), along with other cool prizes... like cash money. To review, here are the full details of the contest and GOOD LUCK to all who entered!

August 11th, 2015
Rare Replay's "The Making of Killer Instinct"

The newly released Rare Replay compilation disk contains a retrospective "Making of Killer Instinct" feature. The 9-minute video is narrated by Ken Lobb and Kev Bayliss (the original creators of the Killer Instinct arcade titles), who reveal some very interesting facts and details regarding the hit arcade franchise. There's even a brief appearance by Chris Sutherland, the voice of the iconic Killer Instinct announcer.... ULTRAAAAA COMBOOOOOOOW!

August 9th, 2015
Vega & Necalli Street Fighter 5 Gameplay Footage From Gamescom '15

It took a few more days than expected, but there's finally some "clean" gameplay footage of SF5's Vega & Necalli from Gamescom '15 that's worth checking out! SFV's 2 new combatants really seem to contrast one another in terms of fighting style. Vega shows off some very stylistic, fluid, and long-reaching attacks (some new, some retro), while Necalli's brutal fighting style is a bit on the wild side. There's about 30 minutes of footage to check out (so far)!

August 8th, 2015
New DOA5:LR Trailer Shows New Stage & Costumes

Koei Tecmo released a new trailer for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round's major update coming on August 11th. The trailer shows off the brand new "Fireworks" stage along with the "Lovely Summer Costume 2015" outfits for all the DOA girls. And spoiler alert... there isn't a single male in the entire trailer. (Big surprise.)

August 7th, 2015
Tencent Developing "KOF '98 Online" Mobile Spin-off

Hot on the heels of the announcement that SNK Playmore is now owned by the Chinese company, Leyou Technologies, some additional SNK-related news has just surfaced. Tencent, the Chinese company behind Xuan Dou Zhi Wang, have just released a trailer for a new King of Fighters '98 spin-off their developing, simply titled "KOF '98 Online". Before you get your hopes up, its not a fighting game... but looks closer to the realm of a RPG-style card game.

August 7th, 2015
Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax English Trailer Introduces Several Characters

Sega just released a new English trailer for Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (coming to North America & Europe October 6th). The new trailer introduces several characters from their respective light novels / anime adaptations, including Asuna from Sword Art Online, Kuroyukihime from Accel World, Durarara, and Tomoka Minato from Ro-Kyo-Bu.

August 6th, 2015
SNK Playmore Purchased By Chinese Company

SNK Playmore has just been acquired by the Chinese company, Leyou Tech., who purchased 81.25% of SNK's shares for $63.5 million. The good news is, Leyou's motivation for acquiring SNK was to obtain the rights to SNK's game IPs and characters. The CEO behind the deal stated that they want to follow the "Marvel formula" regarding SNK, expanding into comics, TV, movies, and new games. That said, the future should be interesting for SNK.  (Sources: SRK, Dreamcancel, Sina)

August 4th, 2015
Killer Instinct Season 3 Hits Windows 10 March 2016, Rash From Battletoads Available Today

Today at Gamescom, Microsoft announced some pretty exciting Killer Instinct news. For starters, Season 3 will be coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One in March 2016. Both platforms will be connected with cross-play, and purchased content will transfer back and forth if you have both versions. Secondly, Rash from Battletoads was announced as KI's first guest character! [UPDATE] Check out his official trailer, along with the first gameplay & images.

August 3rd, 2015
Vega Revealed For Street Fighter 5, V-Trigger Details, Trailer, 18 HD Screens + Artwork

The "beautiful" Spanish bullfighter makes his return in Street Fighter 5 (with a new look to boot)! SF5 Vega has access to two distinct fighting modes: "with claw" and "without claw". Vega can now sheath his claw during battle in exchange for new moves, such as a command grab. Read up on more details regarding Vega's V-Skill, V-Trigger, and take a look at the SF2 veteran's reveal trailer, 18 HD screenshots & SFV character artwork!

August 3rd, 2015
New Character, Stage & DLC Costumes Coming to DOA5: Last Round, DOA Xtreme 3 Announced

During this past weekend's DOA Festival, Koei Tecmo announced some new updates coming to DOA5: Last Round. Firstly, a new "major" update will go live Aug. 11th which will add the new "Fireworks" stage and 2015 Summer costumes. New DLC collaboration costumes are also coming out, including sets based on Falcom, Schoolgirl Strikers, and Tatsunoko. In other news, Koei Tecmo also announced DOA Xtreme 3 is in development.

July 30th, 2015
SFV Will Have A Simultaneous Worldwide Release

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono & Tomoaki Ayano announced at the recent Hong Kong gaming show that SF5 will be released worldwide simultaneously. Ayano stated, "We will have a simultaneous release all across the world. No region will be late, and everyone will be able to play at the same time." One added, "This is just a small expression of our gratitude to all of the people here in Hong Kong who've been supporting SF for so long." SF5's current release window is Spring 2016.

July 30th, 2015
Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Hits The Americas & Europe October 8th, Special Launch Edition

We knew DBFC was coming overseas this October, but Sega has finally announced the launch date. Fans in North America, South America & Europe can pick up the game October 8th on PS3 & PS Vita. In addition, a special "Launch Edition" will be available in America which includes a bonus soundtrack CD (exclusive for pre-orders and Day 1 copies). Here's a promotional image of the launch edition. DBFC will retail for $39.99 on PS3 and $29.99 on PS Vita.  (Source: Gematsu)

July 29th, 2015
Tekken 7's Summer Campaign Adds New Costumes & Customizations For The Entire Cast

The "Summer Campaign" for the arcade version of TEKKEN 7 just launched in Japan, adding another wave of new costumes for the cast. TEKKEN's female fighters are seen in a variety of swimwear, while the males receive "shirtless" customizations. Judging from the new screenshots, it also appears you can give the ladies a "tan" customization (like in VF5). In addition to the costumes, new items, player icons and panels were also added.

July 28th, 2015
TFG Exclusive Street Fighter 5 Beta Footage

TFG Webmaster here... like some lucky (and persistent) SF5 beta adopters, I was able to log onto the Street Fighter V beta on PS4 several times over the weekend. Of course I had "sharing" in mind, and I did record quite a bit of footage with my brand new equipment (offering 60fps/1080 quality)! I've already uploaded 5 SFV videos to TFG's Channel, and will release many more throughout the week! If you didn't get a chance to play, continue to be patient... SF5 is worth it! 

July 27th, 2015
First Street Fighter 5 Beta Phase Postponed

This Afternoon, Peter "Combofiend" Rosas of Capcom apologetically announced that SF5's first beta phase has been postponed. While Capcom did collect valuable data from players who were able to connect, it was decided to postpone the beta until the experience can be more positive for all users. Combofiend also clarified there will be 3 full beta tests before the launch of the game. There will be an in-game incentive for participants of the first beta test! Read the full blog on Capcom Unity.

July 24th, 2015
SF5 PS4 Beta Test Delayed Until Further Notice

The first Street Fighter 5 online beta was supposed to go live Thursday night, but unfortunately, very few players were able to connect. However, Capcom has been quick with keeping everyone up to date, and has apologized for the delays. The good news is, they are continuing maintenance on the server, and slowly but surely getting players connected. As of right now, the beta test hasn't been "postponed"... but if you have a beta key, keep your eye on Capcom Unity!

July 23rd, 2015
Combofiend Talks Street Fighter 5 Gameplay Direction, Second Beta Planned for Fall on PS4/PC

During EVO '15, SRK interviewed Capcom's Peter "Combofiend" Rosas and Matt Dahlgren to talk about SF5's gameplay direction, among other things. Combofiend gives many new details regarding the nuances of SF5's gameplay design. He explains, SF5 aims to streamline things like matchups and counter-picking, while making the game more accessible and balanced. He also mentions that the second SF5 beta will be out this Fall for PS4/PC! Check out the full interview over at SRK.

July 22nd, 2015
TEKKEN 7 Will Have Idolmaster Guest Costumes

During a special Idolmaster event held in Japan's Seibu Dome, Bandai Namco announced that some Idolmaster costumes will be appear in TEKKEN 7 (for some of the ladies). The announcement trailer actually teases that Paul Phoenix will actually get his very own Idolmaster costume, but this was later debunked as a joke. Obviously, this is yet another TEKKEN 7 announcement directed towards the Japanese audience.

July 19th, 2015
EVO '15: Necalli is SF5's First Newcomer, Reveal Trailer, HD Screens & Artwork, V-Trigger Details

Before EVO's top 8 Ultra Street Fighter 4 finalists took the stage, Capcom unveiled Street Fighter 5's first new challenger in the form of a gameplay trailer. Without further ado, check out Necalli's reveal trailer, 12 ultra-crispy HD screenshots and his official SF5 character artwork! After you feast your eyes on all the visual content, read up on Necalli's gameplay style and V-Trigger system!

July 19th, 2015
EVO '15: Official Tremor MKX Gameplay Trailer

Today at EVO '15, NetherRealm Studios debuted the official gameplay trailer for Tremor. The trailer shows pretty much everything you'd want to see if you're interested in this character, including his specials, X-ray Moves and Fatalities. You'll even get a good look at Tremor with his mask off. [UPDATE] Tremor is the final part of the $29.99 Kombat Pack, becoming available July 21st for owners of the DLC pack. Tremor becomes available to everyone July 28th for $4.99.

July 18th, 2015
EVO '15: Street Fighter 5 Will Launch With 16 Fighters (4 Brand New), Future DLC Free / Unlockable

Capcom unveiled some new SF5 details during today's EVO '15 panel! For starters, Capcom's Matt Dahlgren stated that (with SF5) they will be "moving away from disc-based" updates & sequels, confirming that the initial SF5 disc is the only one players will ever need to own. "Moving forward, all balance and system adjustments will be made available for free to players. All post launch gameplay related content can now be earned by playing the game."

July 17th, 2015
EVO 2015 is Underway, Links to All 8 Live Streams

The biggest fighting game tournament in the world is live from Bally's Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino this weekend! Tune in and watch the best in the world compete in TEKKEN 7, Ultra SF4, UMVC3, GGXrd SIGN, MKX, Killer Instinct, P4A Ultimax, and Smash Bros. Here are direct links to the official Twitch live streams: Capcom Fighters, SRKEvo1, SRKEvo2, SRKEvo3, SRKEvo4, SRKEvo5, SRKEvo6 and SRKEvo7. For the full stream schedule, hit the READ MORE link!

July 16th, 2015
Blazblue: Central Fiction - First Screenshots & Artwork, New Overdrive Feature

The first details and images of the seventh iteration of the Blazblue series, Blazblue: Central Fiction, have emerged via Famitsu. Take a look at the first screenshots & artwork of the new characters, Naoto & Hibiki, along with new renditions of returning veterans. After you check out the new visual content, continue reading to learn about the new "Extend Accel" gameplay system.

July 16th, 2015
First HD Screenshots of Tremor in Mortal Kombat X

Check out the first screenshots of Mortal Kombat X's next DLC character, Tremor. In case you're not familiar with the character, Tremor first appeared in the spin-off PS1 game, Mortal Kombat: Special Forces (2000). However, he's definitely been fleshed out a bit as a MKX character... and thus, the MK series now officially has its "brown ninja". As his name suggests, he uses Earth-based magic attacks.

July 14th, 2015
1 Month Left To Enter TFG's 2015 Banner Contest!

Attention Graphic Designers, Artists and Photoshop Wizards! There's about 1 month left to enter TFG's Banner Contest 2015. The TOP 3 finalists will receive cash (and other prizes), with the TOP 2 taking homec ustom artwork by TFG's Featured Artist: JET3000, and Seeso2D (who's art appears in several fighting game tribute artbooks)! Once again, see the full details for the 2015 contest here, and good luck to all banner creators! The contest ends on August 17th, 2015.

July 13th, 2015
Know Your EVO Tournament History With "Part 1" of Virtua Kazama's EVO Retrospective Blog

Did you know the longest running major fighting game tournament, EVO, has been going on since July 20th, 1996? Did you know that it was originally called B3: Battle by the Bay, and the first tournament only featured 2 games: Super SF2 Turbo & Street Fighter Alpha 2? Destructoid blogger "Virtua Kazama" has just put together an informative retrospective of EVO's history, including some awesome "VHS quality" match footage. Check out Part 1, and stay tuned for more!

July 12th, 2015
SDCC '15: Harada Says Tekken X Street Fighter Roster is Decided, Title "Far Into Development"

Believe it or not... Tekken X SF was originally announced 5 years ago at San Diego Comic-con. Since then, the game's development has been a well kept secret by Bandai Namco, even leading some to believe the project was cancelled. For the 17th official time, producer Harada has confirmed TXSF is still a thing. This weekend, he told Famitsu TXSF is actually "at a far stage into its development." He continued, "the character lineup is fully decided"...

July 12th, 2015
Blazblue: Central Fiction Announced, Adds 2 New Characters, Location Tests This Month

Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma Extend released 12 day ago in North America (June 30th). If you picked that up, and thought you were playing the "newest" Blazblue game... well... you're not. This morning, Arc System Works announced Blazblue: Central Fiction, which adds Hibiki Kohaku and Naoto Kurogane to the playable roster. The new version will debut in Japan this month, with location tests taking place July 18-20. Check out the announce trailer.

July 12th, 2015
SDCC '15: New Tekken 7 Artwork By Junny, Shunya Yamashita, Tomio Fujisawa & JBStyle

Remember the awesome character art collaboration from TTT2 featuring Shunya Yamashita, Tomio Fujisawa & Junny? (You should.) At Bandai Namco's SDCC '15 panel, Harada & company unveiled brand new TEKKEN 7 character art by the preceding artists, as well as new guest artist JBStyle! Just like in TTT2, this art can be used to replace the default CG panels in T7. We'll definitely post the high quality versions when available, but for now check out the previews via Famitsu.

July 12th, 2015
SDCC '15: Street Fighter X G.I. Joe Graphic Novel Series Announced For 2016

Capcom announced a six-issue "Street Fighter X G.I. Joe" graphic novel mini-series at their San Diego Comic-con panel this weekend. It's official, Shadaloo and Cobra have joined forces... and could only possibly be stopped by the iconic heroes of Street Fighter and G.I. Joe. The collaboration between Capcom and Hasbro will be published by IDW sometime next year. Street Fighter & G.I. Joe crossed paths once before back in 1993, with Hasbro creating SF2 action figures. (Source: Polygon)

July 11th, 2015
SDCC '15: Over 20 Minutes of SF5 Ken Gameplay, V-Trigger Details & Character Theme Songs

Shoto-lovers and shoto-haters alike have been pretty hyped about Ken's SF5 reveal at SDCC '15. Let's keep the hype going with over 20 minutes of raw SF5 gameplay footage featuring Mr. Masters. Also read up on Ken's unique V-Trigger system and special move details. And finally, have a listen to SF5 character theme songs for Ken, Ryu, Nash, M. Bison, and the Forgotten Waterfall stage.

July 9th, 2015
SDCC '15: Street Fighter 5 Ken Masters Reveal Trailer, 12 HD Screenshots + Character Art

Not a huge surprise or anything... but Ken has been confirmed for Street Fighter 5 at San Diego Comic Con '15! The surprise is more so that Ken's default SF5 outfit isn't his traditional red Gi (for the first time ever). Without further ado, check out Ken's SDCC '15 reveal trailer, plus 12 HD screenshots and his official character art! [UPDATE] Also check out some screen grabs of the new "mystery" character that was teased at the end of the trailer!

July 9th, 2015
Mortal Kombat X Klassic Fatalities Pay Homage To MK1 Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya & Johnny Cage

NetherRealm has continued releasing "other" new content for Mortal Kombat X besides DLC characters. Along with retro costumes from MK1, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage now have access to their MK1 Fatalities (komplete with their original win poses)! Check out this video showing each of the klassic Fatalities.

July 8th, 2015
Stonecold Steve Austin Gives Shoutout to K-Brad For His CEO 2015 Entrance

As you know, TFG News focuses primarily on the GAMES, not individual players. However, sometimes fighting game community news is just too awesome to pass up... as is the case regarding the wake of K-Brad's CEO '15 entrance, which has gone viral. At CEO, players in the finals get to select their own theme music and entrance. K-Brad chose Steve Austin's entrance music and... he killed it. In fact, Stonecold himself gave K-Brad a shoutout on his podcast!

July 7th, 2015
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 & Tatsunoko Fight Coming to Steam, Along With Other PS1 Classics

A new publisher named Console Classics has already begun releasing "hidden gems" of the original Playstation library onto Steam. Some of their early fighting game choices are pretty interesting, those being Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (1995) and the previously "Japan only" Tatsunoko Fight (2000). Release dates for these games on Steam haven't been posted yet, but keep your eye on the Console Classics website.

July 7th, 2015
Skullgirls: 2nd Encore Launches on Playstation 4, Patch 1.05 Adds Robo-Fortune & More

The latest iteration of Skullgirls is now available on PS4. Skullgirls: 2nd Encore includes all DLC characters to date (including Robo-Fortune), fully voiced story modes, new challenges & trials, new survival mode, and Cross-play with the PS3 & Vita. 2nd Encore is also cross-buy. By purchasing the PS4 version ($24.99) users score the Vita version (planned for release this Summer). Autumn Games also detailed patch 1.05, out today!  (Sources: PS.Blog, Skullgirls.com)

July 7th, 2015
Yoshinori Ono Shows Street Fighter 5 Brazil Stage, Teases Character Announcement For October

Capcom posted a new video today featuring SF5 producer Yoshinori Ono. In the video, Ono-san, addressing the WB Games Summit in Brazil, shows gameplay footage SF5's fourth stage (different from Forgotten Waterfall), set in Brazil. In true fashion, Ono teases the community by hinting at a new character reveal planned for Brazil Games Show '15 in October (while wearing a Blanka costume, of course).

July 7th, 2015
New SF5 Stage "Forgotten Waterfall" Available in Beta, New Details Via Playstation Blog

Playstation Blog unveiled a new Street Fighter 5 stage this morning alongside the latest details on this month's upcoming beta version. The new environment is called "Forgotten Waterfall" and includes some interesting wildlife. Let's not waste any time... here are direct links to the new screenshots: Screen #1, Screen #2! Also head over to Playstation Blog for a recap on how to obtain your beta key and read up on what you can expect from the online-enabled SF5 beta. (Source: PS.Blog)

July 7th, 2015
"The King of Iron Fist 2015" Tekken 7 Tournament Announced, More U.S. Location Tests

While the TEKKEN community was hoping for some groundbreaking T7 news tonight, the "big" July 7th announcement is that Bandai Namco is organizing a large scale TEKKEN 7 tournament with $80,000 (1 million yen) worth of prizes up for grabs. Here's Bandai Namco's official trailer for the tourney. (Read on for further details). In addition, new U.S. arcade location tests for TEKKEN 7 have also been announced.

July 6th, 2015
Official MKX Predator Trailer, Klassic Fatalities & Free Kold War Scorpion Skin Incoming

Ed Boon & company have certainly been hyping up Predator's upcoming appearance in Mortal Kombat X (and why wouldn't they). You've seen screenshots & gameplay footage, and now it's time to check out Predator's official trailer (released today). Predator DLC hits Mortal Kombat X on July 7th for owners of the Kombat Pack. He'll drop as DLC available to everyone July 14th. [UPDATE] Also check out a video of MKX's klassic Fatalities.

July 6th, 2015
Ultra SF4 PS4 Patch 1.04 Adds Graphical Enhancements, Performance Improvements

The developers of the PS4 port of Ultra Street Fighter IV are continuing to fix multiple issues with the title. The latest patch (1.04) improves some graphical areas, including: adding anti-aliasing to characters and stages, improving anisotropic filtering, reducing pixelation on UI elements, and increasing resolution of visual effects. Other performance issues were also fixed. Here all the full patch notes to see what changed in 1.04.

July 3rd, 2015
Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax Coming to North America This October for PS3/Vita

Sega's 2D crossover anime fighter finally has a release date in North America! Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax is set for an October 2015 release on PS3 and Vita. The PS3 version will retail for $39.99 with the Vita version priced at $29.99. The console port features Story Mode, Challenge & Online modes, along with "over 60 Dream Duels". From the looks of it so far, the console version will not feature the IGNITION updates (but this is currently unconfirmed). (Source: Siliconera)

July 2nd, 2015
Battle Fantasia "Revised Edition" Hits Steam July 7th

Arc System Works announced that their 2007 2.5D fighter, Battle Fantasia, will be making its way to Steam on July 7th. The title looks to retain the staple modes found in the previous PS3 & Xbox 360 versions, including: Story, Survival, Gallery & Online. It won't be a straight port, however... the "Revised Edition" will add new visual effects to super moves and feature the "latest balances". For more info, visit Aksys's official page for the Steam port. (Sources: Arc System Works, Steam)
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