Fighting game character designers have always been inspired by real life personalities, especially martial artists (in turn, making fighting games even more awesome). In other cases involving celebrities... it's simply a coincidence (or is it?).




Mads Mikkelson (As Le Chiffre) & Sergei Dragunov
(Submitted by Jet3000)

The main villain of the film Casino Royale (2006) known as Le Chiffre, played by Mads Mikkelson... and Dragunov from Tekken. If Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection didn't come out in 2005, I would've said that Dragnov could've possibly been inspired by Le Chiffre, since the Tekken developers have used real life actors as inspiration for characters in the past.

On a side note, that wimp from the crappy live-action Tekken movie has nothing on Mads... this guy would make the perfect Dragnov.


Jinpachi Mishima & This Tamarin Monkey

You might think Jinpachi's beard is a bit ridiculous and "far fetched," but don't tell that to this tamarin monkey... you might hurt his feelings. Could Namco designers have seen a tamarin monkey at a zoo in Japan, and thought... "Hmm, this guy is totally Mishima". I suppose it's "possible"... but it could also just be a coincidence. In any case, when I'm rich I'm definitely getting a tamarin monkey as a pet and naming him Jinpachi Jr. And if you don't think this monkey is a celebrity, don't tell him that... you might hurt his feelings.


These Cats & The Mishimas


I was rooting for the black kitteh... but sometimes you get hit with a EWGF. Nothing you can do. And there's no way these cats didn't know they were mimicking TEKKEN.


Jacky Bryant & Sting
(Submitted by Mike)

Sting (played by Feyd-Rautha from Dune) and Virtua Fighter's Jacky Bryant are both masters of hair gel. You might even say they have a similar facial structure.


Christoph Daum & Rugal
(Submitted by Omar Unal)

rugal-cvs2-fix.jpg (38678 bytes)      daum2.jpg (44799 bytes)      rugal-omega-cvs2-fix2.jpg (48621 bytes)      daum3.jpg (117830 bytes)


Christoph Daum is a German football coach who freakishly resembles Rugal from KOF (whom also hails from Germany). Mr. Daum has some prominent facial features which Rugal seems to share, not to mention the hair color/style. I definitely don't rule out SNK randomly being inspired by Daum's epic face angles, but I think I'll call coincidence on this one.


Halle Berry & K'
(Submitted by Carlos Hidalgo)

      storm-k2.jpg (148247 bytes)
Halle Berry as Storm from X-men: The Last Stand and K' from the King of Fighters series. K' debuted in 1999 while this short haired version of Storm debuted in 2006, making this one a pure coincidence... unless someone involved with X-men: The Last Stand is a fan of King of Fighters.


Mark Hamill & K'
(Submitted by Water_is_ever_flowing)

This particular artwork of K' (drawn by Shinkiro) strikingly resembles a famous picture taken of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. Since it is a rather famous picture, I can't completely rule it out as being intentional. 


Sean Connery & Joseph Joestar

"I'm waiting to be impressed. . ."


Sean Connery & Heihachi
(Submitted by Alex B.)

Can you imagine Heihachi with Sean Connery's accent?


Everett McGill, Rutger Hauer & Bryan Fury

. .    rutger-hauer-bw.jpg (23668 bytes)    

Everett McGill is the badass from Under Siege 2, Rutger Hauer (as Roy Batty) is the badass from Blade Runner and Bryan Fury is the badass from Tekken. Any questions? For the record, Bryan Fury is said to be loosely based off of Roy Batty from Blade Runner


Wesley Snipes (as Blade) & Raven

     raven-t6-hd2.jpg (878054 bytes)     blade-pose.jpg (41114 bytes)    
Saw this one coming did you? Raven's face and haircut was obviously inspired by Wesley Snipes as Blade... but that's where the similarities end. Raven's outfit and fighting style are completely original otherwise.


Dennis Rodman & Zack

Zack is clearly based on Dennis Rodman. Fun Fact: Rodman did the voiceovers for Zack in Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.


Jennifer Lopez & Kitana (MK4)

No, I'm not saying Kitana's entire design is based on Jennifer Lopez... but Kitana's face, particularly in this Mortal Kombat 4 render, looks too strikingly similar to Jennifer Lopez to be a coincidence. Is that freakin' photoshopped? So what's more annoying... J-Lo's voice or Kitana's death scream?


Dee Jay & Barrack Obama
(Submitted by Kaboom Kid)


MAXIMUM health care reform FTW! Hmm, I think Obama could rock Dee Jay's hairstyle rather nicely... not sure how that would go over with the press though.


William Shatner & Takuma
(Submitted by Hanylokyman)


This particular Shinkiro artwork of Takuma Sakazaki (from KOF2000) closely resembles a young William Shatner. Is Shinkiro a closet Trekkie?


Renee O'Connor (as Gabrielle) & Sophitia
(Submitted by Moro-chan)

Renne O'Connor (as Gabrielle in Xena: Warrior Princess) is nearly a spitting image of Sophitia from Soul Calibur. While it's "possible" that Namco's designers may have taken some inspiration from the costumes in the Xena series, somehow I doubt it.


Elton John & Kyosuke

All Kyosuke has to do to get to Elton John's status is come out of the closet, score a Disney movie or two, and gain about 150 lbs.


Elias & Ozzy Ozbourne

.      ozzy-glasses.jpeg (10464 bytes)     
There's some irony in the visual similarities between these too... because Elias is a priest, while Ozzy, The prince of darkness, is quite the opposite.


Fallen Balrog & Marilyn Manson

            manson5.jpg (62249 bytes)     


Here's an obscure one for the TRUE Capcom fans. "Fallen" Balrog (Vega) is one of the bosses of Cannon Spike (a Capcom shooter featuring Charlie, Cammy, Mega Man, B.B. Hood & Arthur as playable characters). Fallen Balrog/Vega is clearly based on shock rocker & artist, Marilyn Manson. The badassly done artworks of Fallen Balrog lead me to believe that a few Capcom artists were fans of Manson or at least inspired by him in some way. The person who created this artwork also must've seen Manson perform live in his early days, as Manson used to always hit that pose while singing on stage (as pictured). On an unrelated but interesting side note, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada also stated he's Manson fan. (I've been a fan of his music for a long time, as well.)


Iori Yagami & David Bowie
(Submitted by Laure)

       david-bowie.png (53192 bytes)          iori-classic-shinkiro.jpg (80702 bytes)
Bowie's hair when he was younger is strikingly similar to Iori's. They're also both rock stars and certainly both have their moments of being a bit... "weird" (in a good way, mostly). Other than that, I'm pretty sure it's a coincidence... although, there really could be some Bowie inspiration hidden in a few of those Iori artworks.


Ellen DeGeneres & King

This is one of my favorite "separated at births" for some reason. King not only shares Ellen's facial structure, but also her hairstyle. It's also ironic how some people question King's sexual orientation as well.


Tom Cruise & Kim Kap Hwan

I know Shinkiro and other Japanese artists have looked to American celebrities for inspiration. That said, in certain artworks, Korean Kim Kap Hwan somewhat resembles a young Tom Cruise. The hairstyles are very similar, but I'm not quite convinced that it's intentional. Close call though.


Ken Masters & Owen Wilson
(Submitted by Tony Tran)


Damn, Ken was Oooogly back in SF2 wasn't he? And Owen Wilson? No comment. Owen's first hollywood movie was in 1996... no way this was intentional.


Vice & Winona Ryder
(Submitted by Signor Shiboigan)


The facial structures and hairstyles are on point! Winona Ryder was a pretty big star in the mid 90's so it's possible SNK took some inspiration for Vice's design in KOF 98... but I'm still going to rule this one a coincidence.


Algol & Wilhelm von Homburg (as Vigo)
(Submitted by Kaboom Kid)

alg.jpg (43186 bytes).     vig.jpg (41729 bytes).     algol-vigo.jpg (34853 bytes)
Wilhelm von Homburg as Vigo in Ghostbusters II looks sort of like an older, "less powerful" Algol.


Ash & Alex Band
(Submitted by Rafael Polo)


Alex Band from the band "The Calling" and Ash Crimson are both very feminine males. If they ever made a quality live-action KOF movie, Alex Band would make a convincing Ash.


Rock Howard & Thad Luckinbill
(Submitted by run_away_to_saturn)


Thad Luckinbill from soap opera The Young and The Restless, sports a jacket that resembles Rock Howard's and is even borrowing Rock's (or Terry's) alternate color scheme. The only difference: Thad likes to tuck thumbs into his pockets while Rock likes to go with the fingers.


James Marsters & Geese
(Submitted by Aeijei)

I suppose James Marsters could be a younger, slimmed down Geese... they've definitely got the same slicked back hair going on, and they can both come back to life after being killed. Btw, I actually met James Marsters in real life... he's a pretty nice guy.


Sarah Michelle Gellar & B. Jenet
sarahmichelle.jpg (44353 bytes)          sarahmichelle2.jpg (43167 bytes)
Not the most obvious one, but I suppose Buffy looks like B. Jenet in a few shots... if you use your imagination.


Gackt & Kyo Kusanagi
(Submitted by Buddha-kun)

On the left, Gackt, a famous J-rock idol... on the right, Kyo Kusanagi from KOF '99. Both of them are Japanese pretty boys. Even though Gackt is wearing an outfit similar to Kyo's in the picture above and launched his solo career in 1999, this is just a coincidence.


Ben Affleck & Dong Hwan
(Submitted by Aeijei)

Well, they're both dorks... but Dong Hwan is a much better actor.

*Ironically, this Separated at Birth (and the one below it) was posted online decades before Ben Affleck played Batman and Jared Leto played The Joker. Maybe it's not a coincidence after all!


Jared Leto & Jae Hoon
(Submitted by Aeijei)

        jaredleto.jpg (16926 bytes)   
Reaching a little bit perhaps. But you might say Jae Hoon from Garou: Mark of the Wolves and Jared Leto, the lead vocalist from the band 30 Seconds to Mars have similar hairstyles, but that's about it.

*Ironically, this Separated at Birth (and the one above it) was posted online decades before Ben Affleck played Batman and Jared Leto played The Joker. Maybe it's not a coincidence after all!


R. Mika & Baby Spice (Emma)
(Submitted by G.A.B.D.)

  mika1.gif (22471 bytes)      emma2.jpg (24311 bytes)      emma1.jpg (15164 bytes)
Baby Spice should consider a professional wrestling career... she could be R. Mika's doppelganger. Besides the ridiculous pigtails and perhaps body type, there's not too much else in common.


Chris O'Donnel (as Robin) & Reiko

Live-action Robin from Batman & Robin (1997) looks to be ripped right off of Mortal Kombat 4's selection screen. Ironically enough, MK4 also came out in late 1997... was Reiko a last minute design by the MK team? I wouldn't be surprised. Another ironic tidbit: This resemblance was posted on TFG well before MK VS DC Universe was revealed. Too bad we couldn't see Reiko VS Robin in MKvsDC.


Laurence Fishburn (as Morpheus) & Darius

MK designers thought process on new MK character design: "Durrrr, The Matrix is coool, right? And Morpheus is cool. Hey I know! Let's dress up Morpheus in a ninja outfit and... new MK kharacter!" For the record: Morph-EUS is a cool character and Dar-IUS.... not so much. But hey, this was during the pinnacle of bad MK designs.


Fergie & Crimson Viper

fergie-quinn.jpg (42414 bytes)      crimsonviper.jpg (41701 bytes)
C. Viper's face in the "original" SF4 artwork shares a striking similarity to the talent-less Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson) from the Black Eyed Peas. Thankfully, they changed up Crimson Vipers face in the final artwork... (Sorry Fergie). It's a close call, but I'm gonna go with coincidence on this one.


Robby Williams & E. Honda

I don't really know what this is doing here. . . But if you look E. Honda's face in Shinkiro's CVS2 artwork... well... Robbie Williams... maybe?


Bob & Fat guy on motorbike

bob-t6-hd.jpg (246894 bytes)      
Fat-guy-on-motorbike isn't really a celebrity... but he kinda is now. If only he was wearing Bob's default colors, this would've had to have been intentional.