Separated at Birth
This section revolves around fighting game characters that resemble celebrities, real life martial artists, other fictional characters... and even each other!

If You Crossed...
Over at the TFG science lab, we've discovered some characters with matching DNA!

Misheard Special Moves
Ever wondered what the hell those Street Fighter guys were really saying?

Birdie's "How to be a pimp" Show
A TFG classic, The Birdie Show debuted in 2002 with 2 episodes, but was never picked up by a major network and failed. However... miraculously, 13 years later, Birdie returns with "Episode 3" in 2015.

SFV Producer Interview About Launch
TFG Exclusive: Capcom Mexico's SFV producer Juan explains the not-so-smooth launch.

Guile Shaves His Eyebrows
Bet you didn't know Guile's SF2 theme had lyrics.

Guy Does SF2 Sound Effects Live
Hadouken VS Tiger projectile war... done live.  YOU WIN.

GGXrd - Heavy Day 'American' Lyrics
A hilarious, slightly condescending parody of Guilty Gear Xrd's theme song.

Real Life Mortal Kombat Button Check
That Mortal Kombat II animation.... yo.

Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank
Be prepared if you ever enter an Outworld elevator.

Realistic Mortal Kombat
Basic physics and Fatalities.

Balrog Highlight (Mike Tyson Parody)
We all know that Balrog is based on Mike Tyson... This video pretty much sums it up!

Street Fighter Red Tape (Series)
Several SF2 characters are interviewed before entering the World Warrior Tournament.

SF X Turkish Car Insurance
A Turkish car insurance commercial featuring Ryu.

Street Fighter X Taylor Swift
Some bizarre footage from the 2014 Grammy's.

Street Troller - Best of 2013
The Red Cyclone doesn't support Russian patriots who can't hold their drinks!

Zangief Loves Vodka
The Red Cyclone doesn't support Russian patriots who can't hold their drinks!

Felicia is Not Kawaii
!Felicia hates animals, especially those who are cuter than her!

A Street Fighter Picnic
The Cast of Street Fighter decide to take a break from fighting to enjoy a nice meal, only to be interrupted.

Chun-Li is Jealous - Episodes 1 & 2
From the folks who brought you "Blanka is a Troll".

Blanka is a Troll - Episodes 1 - 7
The entire "Blanka is a Troll" series... a must see. 

SF2 - Ken Theme Acapella
Smooth McGroove is back with another SF2 acapella theme!

20 Hadokens World Record
On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, 20 Ryu cosplayers throw 20 Hadokens and set a world record with RecordSetter.

Conan Plays Injustice
Conan O'Brien plays Injustice on the "Clueless Gamer" segment. 

SF2 - Guile Theme Acapella
Guile's Theme goes with everything... but also sounds great acapella!

Mortal Kombat VS Gangnam Style
From the team that brought you MK VS SF: Epic Flash Mob. Gangnam Style!

Gangnam Style Guile Parody
What happens when you mix Guile's Theme with PSY's hit single?

MK VS Street Fighter: Epic Flash Mob
Bad MK & Street Fighter costumes... and crazy dancing FTW?

King of Fighters '99 - Real Life
ElGamerCosplayer is back with more live action KOF comedy!!

Live Action King of Fighters '99
Here we go.... they're back again!

A Sentinel in Metro City
A Sentinel has appeared in Metro City. What the X-Men can't do, Mayor Haggar can!

"Sexist" Pyrrha Combos
Dhim exposes the comical angle of Pyhrra's A+G (knee to the groin) throw.

Live Action SF4 Style Ultra Combos
The epic Street Fighter 4 style Ultra Combo compilations from Thousand Pounds!

Rejected Street Fighters
Fighterpedia Episode 1 is all about "reject" Street Fighter designs.

MK VS The Ukrainian Parliament?

Whether or not you understand Ukrainian, this video is full of win.

MK Secret Character Tryouts

Pacman, Mario and even Chrono get in on some fatality action.

Mortal Kombat Gibberish 101

Finally, translations for the infamous "gibberish" of Mortal Kombat characters!

Smackdown VS Raw 2011: Street Fighter

Over 20 "create-a-wrestlers" from Smackdown VS Raw 2011 (by jim784m).

Tekken Interrogation

The subject of Tekken comes up on an Israeli kids tv show.

Milk Chocolate VS The World
Elena got tired of being ignored by Ono-san, and decided to endorse
HERSELF as the next addition to the upcoming onslaught of fighting games.

Crossed Arms: Ryu VS Kazuya
Ryu and Kazuya face off to see who is the most aloof warrior in fighting game history.

Blanka Makes Pound Cake

They would become the world's greatest fighting champions...but first they had to go 
to prom.

Street fighter High: The Musical

They would become the world's greatest fighting champions...but first they had to go 
to prom.

We Love Hakan!

Everyone loves Hakan... but what does he love?

Street Fighter Jet Lag

Ken Masters discusses a few things with his agent.

You Play Too Many Fighting Games

Are you guilty too?

Sundays with Sagat

Never knew Sagat was so articulate...

Kuma's Weapons Kata

Kuma is becoming quite the well-rounded martial artist.

80's Crossover: The King of Famicom

If crossovers existed in the early 80's, it would've looked something like this.

Final Fight Japanese Intro

Bad translation though...

VF5 Final Showdown Turbo
You are out of food... would you like to hunt.

Mortal Kombat VS Oregon Trail

You are out of food... would you like to hunt?

Mortal Kombat VS Donkey Kong
What if Scorpion took the place of Mario in Donkey Kong.

Bonus Stage - Ryu VS Real Car
24400 points. PERFECT!

Your favorite fighting game theme song, remastered!

Live Action Street Fighter Alpha 2
Something you thought you'd never, ever, ever, ever see.

Live Action King of Fighters '98
A guaranteed LOL-fest for any KOF fan.

Mario Paint Themes
A variety of famous tunes made in Mario Paint!

G4's MK VS DC Finishers
Finishing moves that didn't make the cut into the final version.

Mortal Kombat: Finish Him
Awkward moments in the Earthrealm.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Parody
A good parody of a not-so-good game.

Juggernaut VS World 1-1
The Mushroom Kingdom is doomed.

M. Bison VS World 1-1
Mario Bison.

Little Big Planet - Street Fighter
The first fighting game themed LBP level!

SF2: Action Figures Ad
A good old Street Fighter toy commercial.

Hack Calibur II
Soul Calibur 2 on drugs!

Real Tekken
One of the best Tekken spin-offs ever.

Tekken: The Real Game
Another classic from Youtube.

Tekken: Kuma Commercial
Something about bears + Karate is just funny.