Krohnen makes his first appearance in The King of Fighters XV tournament. Krohnen's visual design and moveset take heavy inspiration from K9999, a character that SNK removed from the series following KOF 2001. Not much is known about Krohnen at this time, but he appears to have hatred towards Kyo Kusanagi and K'. Krohen's name in Japanese Katakana is a play off of the word "clone".


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Page Updated:  May 18th, 2022

I always thought K9999 was a cool KOF character. Not because he was based on Tetsuo from Akira, moreso because his moveset and animations were especially distinguished and innovative for the time (especially in 2D sprite form). To avoid potential lawsuits, K9999 was of course replaced by Nameless... the guy who forgot to write his name on the KOF2002 invitation. Nameless was fairly cool as a design, but was also missing something as a character. This brings us to Krohnen, who uses very similar moves the two aforementioned characters, especially K9999.

Visually? Krohen is a loud mess of colors. Yeah, he retains K9999's color scheme (is he the same guy?)... but the long blue hair seems to clash with his ripped superhero cape. All I know is, this guy has definitely watched a lot of TEKKEN 7 tournaments and was the originator of the "Buff Lars" hashtag (#BuffLars). He's a Lars player for sure. So far, K9999's classic animations look pretty good in the 3D engine, but I'm not sold on this design as a whole just yet. I think his alternate colors will end up looking a lot better than his default.

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