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Ciel / Xie
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Ciel (or Xie) is a rollerskating girl that hangs out with King and Xeno at the beginning of the last opening. Ciel was born to a wealthy family, along boys with strong and serious personalities... Whom she has been able to defeat. This girl was born brainless and with a carefree personality, and little care for her life. She often goes into rollerskating trips, to the point rollerskates have become part of her body.

Xuan Dou Zhi Wang





Page Updated:  Sept. 10th, 2013

Ciel definitely doesn't look like a fighter at first glance. Visually, she looks a lot like Ai, and also seems to take some inspiration from Arcana Heart's Lilica (not only due to the rollerskates, but also some of her attacks). In-game, Ciel surprised me... because her fighting style is pretty damn awesome, actually. She's got a ton of fluid animations and some badass kicking techniques. Her fighting style seems to take inspiration from SFXT's Poison and Lili, but she's definitely not a rip-off of any kind. She also gives Lili a run for her money in the flexibility department... ;) This girl can kick! 

Overall, Ciel is a distinguishable design in XDZW and has an awesome & original fighting style. I'd go on record and say Ciel is probably the coolest fighting game character on skates. Sorry Grace... you gotta take some notes from Ciel.

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